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Tribal sleeve

By shepush
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...3/4 sleeve, inspired by polynesian culture...

...if You are interested in buying this design contact me...
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Yes i want it Can you email me at Thx

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...check your

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Could you email me the cost for this design?
thank you
Wow Great work! Can you please Tell me the Meinung an der the Price ? Trank you so mutch
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...please read this and conntact me on my e-mail address for meaning and price for the design...:sprint:
Hi shepush appreciate your reply
can you please email me the price
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...check your mail...:sprint:
Pliz can u send me the drawing stencil for this tattoo I want to try it out.
Am at
Thank you. Cheers
Please can let me know the meaning of the tattoo and the price.
Thank you very much
email :
What would be the price for this design? Thanks.
this is awesome mate, could you send me the drawing, stencil of this tattoo. 

i cannot find this job. and i want this on my body.  please send.
I was hoping you could do a custom design in a similar style and layout to this one for me. email me.
i am interested to buy this tribal sleeve
From your portfolio, you are one of the best out there!! Great work!

Could you send info on the meaning of this design and also the cost for prints.

What's up bro 
You designed a tat for me over a year ago. its paid for and I still haven't received it yet 

Whats up 
I am interested in this design. Could you please email me at
Hi. I love this design. How much for the design? Also as many people are asking does it have any meaning at all?
Could the image be adapted to fit a right arm with the circular chest part still on the chest?
Many thanks. Please email:
Great job man....
Very interested in purchasing this tattoo (maybe a small modification) as a coverup, would be keen to get in contact
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what does it mean? 
daaam this is nice can u email me the meaning of tattoo
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The meaning of the tattoo and the price thanks email
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