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Angry Stick 7: Broken

Sorry for the delay on this. It's just that... well.. most of Sunday was spent in MGS:Online or Mario kart.

Now, I never claimed to be an expert in Mario Kart. Far from, actually. Basically, there are things that annoy me to NO end in MK. The first is the coin = faster system which baffles my mind and I can only relate it to the import tuner community. The second is item spamming and an AI which is relentless in their efforts on this front.

I can safely say that Mario Kart Wii is actually the worst offender on this front in the entire series. It boggles my mind, really. How I can play apparently inferior games like Wipeout and Full Auto and the AI isn't this bad. Fact of the matter is, the AI in Mario Kart is cheap beyond the point of repair. It is, in fact, broken.

It's a good thing that this version CAN go online because my only desire to play the computer goes as far as it takes to unlock all the shit.

Also, the tricks are super fun and add alot to this game... it's not a bad game. But it is broken. And somehow the fifth version is more broken than the rest. Nintendo needs to fix this.
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Aww...the ever present "Fuck You" button/item.
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Yes, yes... always my favorite.
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I always imagined telling someone to fix something is throw said "something" at their face, not placing it on a desk.

But... that's just my approach.

I know the frustrations with items in Mario Kart... It was really bad in MKDS, too. (have yet to get MKWii as of typing this).

And lol at Reggie and his freshly-printed bags of cash.
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I was hoping I drew a good enough Reggie....

Yeah, it's an annoying "feature" in Mario Kart. But I get annoyed when the die hards say ignorant shit like "get better and it doesn't suck so much." Why should AI that gets trumped by Wipeout XL, a ten year old game, be defended?
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I shall present to you, FBS: Fucking Blue Shell.
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I once got slammed with a Bill off Rainbow Road and was plummeting to Earth as a Blue Shell followed me. I think seeing a Blue Shell attacking the Earth is very appropriate.
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Hmm... Mario Skydiving?
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