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September 3, 2014
Learning To Leave by sheppardarts, This is truly a beautiful and emotionally powerful painting even if one is not familiar with the artist's personal story for creating it. This piece speaks volumes to what an artist is capable of when they decide to let their art speak for their soul. The message of learning to leave is one we all have to learn even when letting go is often the hardest thing we will ever do. For more beautiful paintings be sure to check out the rest of this artist's gallery.
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Learning To Leave

Digital painting, ©2014 Cynthia Sheppard

This is an extremely personal piece for me- you can read about the story on my blog here and see a step-by-step process here

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© 2014 - 2021 sheppardarts
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About the time you painted this I was going through my own divorce, after I had some family deaths and a few family members struggling with cancer.
As they say when it rains it pours...
Anyways this has always spoke to me, and given me some feelings of comfort.
I come back and look at it from time to time, to admire it not only for it's beauty but for that connection I feel to it, and the calm it brings me.
I know I can discover that woman in the back, I know she'll make it to the front some day, stronger for what she's been through.
Thank you so much for sharing this with the world, as I know it's always been a bright spot for me.
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Masters degree...
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Hauntingly beautiful and powerful message about tragedy.  Lovely work.

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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Absolutely gorgeous ! I like the beautiful work on lights & shadows, but also the perfect rendering of the charcacters. It has a very classical fine art feel.
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This reminds me of Bouguereau's work.
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Last thing I expected to find this morning. Absolutely beautiful. Im so happy you were able to express yourself through this painting so we all could appreciate it. Thank you so much. Wishing you the best.
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Amazing, beautifull work
I like it very much :)
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It is a lovely piece of art. No need for unseemly posts.
7-WasabiPerson-7's avatar
Would you mind communicating like a respectable person?
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This is absolutely breathtaking. It spoke to me, which might be strange as I've never lost anyone that I care about, and yet I'm grieving something all the same. Thanks for sharing.
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oh man... today in 2008 was the car accident where my best friend died... and today, fb is showing me your artwork... means a lot to me
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This is beautiful :)
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Well, this is just incredible
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Love the values, and the overall emotion.
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so much emotion shown in one piece. knowing the one you've always loved is lost; through friendship, being there for the one that needs you the most; and by being the bystander. not sure if those are the exact emotions you are going through or trying to show, and I'm sure after reading your story you must be going through the one,  but through my own perspective i've experienced all three, and it's hard. seeing the world around you, unsure of how to proceed.
you've done a wonderful job at portraying the emotion through this, it's very relatable and very beautiful. 
if there's anything you need, feel free to note me, I'm always willing to keep an ear out and listen to those who need it
powerful,  touching and full of feels
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