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Gonna try and put a few more pictures up here from the past few months, because why not. So have a little bit of Watcher to start. Him and glow effects have become my thing lately.

FYI I'm most active on Instagram -… - at the moment, but you can also find me me on Tumblr - and Twitter - !

Watcher, the paladin-swashbuckler with a true mane of hair, belongs to meee.
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do you think you can draw Lanawyn from the comic "Elves"? (this is a request not a commission)

she looks like this

Also what do you think of my gallery? I'd like some feedback

by the way I don't know if you like to role play but you can join these servers if you want, we'd love to have you there

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Thank you, but I'm afraid I don't do requests. And your art has a very nice style, though the body horror and gore isn't really my cup of tea however!

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Instantly recognized your work, glad to see you posting here. Nice work, love the colors :).

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Thank you! I don't rend to post here too much anymore really because it seems to have quietened down a lot lately, but I still check in from time to time!

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Yes, it definitely slowed down around here, but hopefully it'll get moving again.. at some point.

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He reminds me of a sunflower.🌻

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