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Types Unikitty

yeah not pony this time XD

LEGO the movie is really awesome and I love unikitty so much!!

sorry for long time no update,got some work on busy. ^^;
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I guess someone's in 'Biznis'!
I mean... Unikitty is sort of pony? At least in the sense of being colorful magic smallhorse?
Exodia-Necross's avatar
As a 20 year Lego employee and one of the set designers for The Lego Movie, I approve of this!
You should see what she does in the new movie. ;)
Tunnelkill's avatar
Number 3 is pretty sexy 😉
Mattwurm99's avatar
Do you plan on doing one for Puppycorn?
MiaTheFrivolousFox's avatar
Isn’t UniKitty a boy in the LEGO Movie though?
Rocket-Rabbit's avatar
This is really nice!
snitchpogi12's avatar
This year (I think) Unikitty will have her own show on CN!
saber360's avatar
Yep :)

the Halloween-themed sneak peek is on the Cartoon Network App right now ^^
Firestarforever12364's avatar
I AM HER BROTHER! The name's Puppycorn.
ZoomTorch20's avatar
You did a great job on this! :>
AndyofIndiana's avatar
I prefer either type three or four.
ScarletCade's avatar
Aw unikitty was the cutiest character in the lego movie. This is super adorable and your style is really lovely.! <3:D (Big Grin) 
superiorspider-pup45's avatar
to cute! You just have to love unikitty! :)
Byakku108's avatar
The fully human one reminds me of that one girl from shaman king who was the ice dudes sister. Both of the names I can't remember.
jake-cipher's avatar
:happybounce: well,i am astonished
lul-laby's avatar
TopHatPyroMan's avatar
Business business, numbers... BUSINESS!
TheLegoFan's avatar
1: Unikitty
2: Angry Kitty
3: Businesses Kitty
4: Space Kitty
5: human Kitty.
ChipsterTool's avatar
The next thing you know is a
Moonlight8837's avatar
that would be awesome
Makenshi179's avatar
AWWW #1 is so cuuuuuuute!! >.<
Yeah I heard of Unikitty, I even saw the Lego Movie set with her in it :D Several of them actually ^^
AnnaDevil55's avatar
2 looks like she has her period XD
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