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Modern MoGal # 27~28 - Feud

Thanks for Translation by :icontnbi: and  :icondraco-runan: , and adjust by :iconkittizak:.

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the classic encounter of natural enemies

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That's really funny Wendy's mom has garlic spray if she encounters a vampire. I wonder what kind of abilities these vampires have?
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Actually, Carmilla would still be able to see her reflection if it was a modern mirror. The reason vampires couldn't see their reflection at first is because mirrors had a silver backing in medieval times. 

Nowadays it's made with a more glass like material, so they should be able to see their reflections just fine. 
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interesting.  What about things like photos?  and for that matter, things like garlic, fire, and wooden stakes?
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I don't know about photographs, but garlic as well as other spices help with illness and greatly help with the immune system. Vampires would either be allergic or maybe the garlic would compete with their vampiric system. As for wooden stakes, vampires need to steal blood to keep living. Guess what pumps blood through our system? Hearts. The wooden stake was only really used as a "weakness" because it was LITERALLY DRIVEN THROUGH DRACULA'S HEART. 

And as for fire... I got nothing. I don't know if fire really hurts them that much or not. 
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Wow, you really did your research on this huh.

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I'm writing a novel in which there are cops for magic related crimes. 

Vampires are definitely gonna be on the hit list. XD
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Does this have something to do with the Twilight movies?
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Actually, traditionally vampires and werewolves have been feuding for generations, LONG before Twilight. 

Look at classical monster movies. Vampires and werewolves fight in them. 
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im assuming in your world that sunlight is not as harmful to vampires as it is in some stories
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Fun fact: in the original Dracula, the titular vampire didn’t actually die from sunlight, though his powers WERE weakened during the day. The Death by Sunlight was incorporated into later adaptations.
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Animation Pray for Peace on Earth the war is between your kind is over there's only peace
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It's Twilight all over again Shuichi face palm 
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It’d be funny if instead of holy water spray it was just a spray bottle of garlic butter you could get at a grocery store.
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Is anti-werewolf spray colloidal silver? 🤔
Should be labelled Wolf's bane
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Carmilla: "Seriously, dad?"
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I wonder why werewolves and vamps hate each other.
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