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Modern MoGal #180 - The park under the full moon 3

this comic series is Translation by fox ear,:icontnbi: and  :icondraco-runan: , and adjust by :iconkittizak:.

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Can’t wait for the next part

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Quick. Mom! Pet that puppy!

Kids! Such a pain in the butt…

For those who are nitpicking about tearing the door off, the door was locked. Given the age and condition of the car, it’s an even money bet which would go first, the lock or the hinges. Also, Wendy is in a rage, or she would just unlock the door on the other side or roll down a window.

oh that's an awesome idea!!

wonderful comic!!!

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Great, take her to her now.

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"Our cars are so strong they can hold a raging loli werewolf!"

-A Car Dealer probably

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*track runer activitied*

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Nice combo! Sometimes you have to kick your friend in the butt to get them into the car. At least she's not going to the vet.

Small problem though.. if she remains frenzied, she would just focus on Aella while she holds the door closed. However we saw a little bit of control surface briefly when she sniffed Carmilla. She might be able to smash through the glass of the windshield or other door and be out before her friends can react, assuming she's got enhanced strength too, even if it's not as high as the others.

Interesting details on the car. It might be illegally parked (looks like tickets under the windshield wiper) and a beater car if the taped up headlight is any indication. Subcompact vehicle that has a similar profile to a VW Rabbit or Geo Metro. They might come out ahead if insurance does cover it.

I'm wondering if we'll see a misunderstanding between a mom in 'protect' mode and Carmilla. I can't wait!

Carmilla is the brains, Aella the muscle, and I guess Wendy is the heart (although if she gets her wolf under control I suppose she could be secondary muscle)

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finally mom to the rescue

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You know, you COULD keep the bitch wolf inside the car for much longer IF YOU HADN'T RIPPED THE DOOR OFF FROM THE HINGES IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Life's not an Underworld movie, you know??

Was she supposed to run around to find the owner? It's late and they're trying to keep a wild werewolf under control. Besides I'm sure either Aella's mother will pay for the door, or insurance will cover it. Pretty sure Wendy's mom will help pay for the interior if it gets ripped up.

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I feel bad for whoever owns that car.

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Monstergirl/metahuman damage might actually be claimable in this setting. 🤔

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Run like the wind, wolf mom!

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Provided that the mother manages to calm her daughter.

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ok sure she is aiming to eat you and your buddy, but throwing stones is never called for

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hope they have insurance

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We've seen a thing or two. do de do do something something Farmers Insurance.

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“Ah, yes, Wendy’s Wolfy Wreck.” *clip of snarling wolf girl in a car* “We covered that one, too.”

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not sure if Statefarms in that world

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