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Modern MoGal #178 - The park under the full moon 1


sorry for wait and I hope you will enjoy this short story~see u next week!

this comic series is Translation by fox ear,:icontnbi: and  :icondraco-runan: , and adjust by :iconkittizak:.

All you need is 1 USD dollar and you can read every new comics every month! More support rewards detail in Patreon,thank you for your support !!)
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Tcode004's avatar

I hope you made special sell comic from her daughter saga too.

marsatas's avatar

Parent of year award goes to the werewolf mom not being around for moon puberty.

molockokangster's avatar

i think the wolf curse is passed on her because of her mother's, like if a normal people have been very close to super natural being for some certain of time... the power will be pass on to others

is just my guess theory, because I'm fan of it lol (pls don't be mad at me)

DreamStoryM's avatar

Her little feet paws are so cute!

jhwood9's avatar

Wow! Looking forward to the next installment!

Seawolf03's avatar

Fear the smol fluff.

jhwood9's avatar

Aren't vampires and werewolves natural enemies?

MugenSeiRyuu's avatar

Not in Modern Mogal, although some still don't like eachother..

jhwood9's avatar

Ah, thanks. I am not all that familiar with the series.

The truth have come to moonlight!

TheDeinonychus's avatar

Been wondering how long it would take, or if it would just be a never-ending question. Have to say, I'm glad to finally get the answer, and she looks so cute as a puppers!

Colorfulmoongato's avatar

Awwe they grow up so fast <3 I used to dream about myself and my family being werewolves!! It was so cool!!

bahz4228's avatar

Nice We have a Kid Wolf now.

AngelFreddy's avatar

All you need is a stick to play fetch with her.

I hope she is able to get herself under control, and instead of attacking, gives her friends hugs

K4nK4n's avatar

Oh no~!! She's so fluffy~!!

DrChrisman's avatar

hold her of until her mom comes

kano2000's avatar

Finally, Wendy becomes the adorable, floofy pupper she was destined to be! 😍

nek0master's avatar

Hope Shepherd0821 can have an X Men kind Foundation to train monster, mythical creatures and noble race of species because warriors to protect Earth, learn high moral of value and gain balance from the unknown world with everything surprise to endangered everyone, like all the Modern MoGals or male creatures be the X Men fight unknown evil of power to put the world into darkness beyond hell or unknown place where we don't belong.

embersparks13's avatar

I have been waiting for this!!!

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