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MLP 4koma 63

By shepherd0821
Thanks for Translation by :icontnbi:, adjust by :iconkittizak: ,proofreading by :iconleotheyardiechick: .
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mmm, AJ's and Fluttershy's way of doing that is awesome :3
weehawk99's avatar
Dashie's response should have been a yes, using her face there lol
djunk855's avatar
Lucky bubblewrap...
bladra's avatar
bet afew would envy the bubble wrap there
SpellDecoder's avatar
in the mosquito one, i'm imaginig it but with celestia and luna (because luna is blue)
My-Magic-Dream's avatar
why am I laughing so much at the bubble rap one?!!!!
Windspeed8's avatar
Fluttershy just stares it down
TheSilentCitizen's avatar
Apparently Fluttershy knows Conquerors Haki.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I prefer the AJ method :D.
WerewolfConfess's avatar
There are so many reasons why I love Applejack. This comic just added reason 423. Thank you shepherd0821
kamaradakamikaze's avatar
SaraoooFluttershy's avatar
good job fluttershy ^^ XD
Dragonok-Prime's avatar
TheSilentCitizen's avatar
I always thought the a zebra's stripes where used as a form of camouflage.
Let me explain, when a heard of zebra clump together their striped bodies sort of meld together this makes it harder for a predator (i.e., Lion) to determine where the head or flank is. This often confusing the pred or causes it to mess up its attack.
Sakkuyniron's avatar
And the answer is... that we still actually don't know exatly why zebras have stripes. %D Your theory can be the good one but might not be the main reason why it is a specificity.
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um......the second to last panel......aj, why the hell......
fluttershy has mastered the unknown 6th sense!!!
TheSilentCitizen's avatar
More like conquerors Haki.
lol my gosh that stare has power beyond the heavens
Salt01's avatar
Applejack and her boob skills are no match for the Flutter stare!
TrueHyperShadow15's avatar
(Grabs bubble wrap) BUBBLE WRAP!! (squeeze really hard) BOOM!! (Hole in the ceiling) Ed!!!
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