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How to straighten a spiky wig

By SheolReaper
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For those of you who have previously stayed up all night before a convention spending >7 hours pouring scalding water over wigs in attempt to straighten them (or blowdryers, etc.).

This was a revelation I have to share with the internet. It's very good for super fluffy or spiky hair to lay more flat/straight. It's also great for changing the part.

I'm not sure how effective it would be with curly or wavy hair, but you could give it a go.

Hope you enjoy!
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Please don't put wigs in hot water unless they're heat resistant!!! It can warp the fibers of the wig and completely destroy it!!

Otherwise, I love the tutorial, it is really useful (:
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is that works for long wigs ? ;dd
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I haven't done it with long wigs but it would probably at least straighten the top parts of them. ^^
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txh its very heplfull! ^=-^ I will try it XD
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That note in step number four was really funny.

It definitely would scare the hell out of me if I turned on the lights in the bathroom and saw that thing staring at me. :lol:
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Yes... it's almost as good as when my friend put up a Light Yagami wall scroll in a hotel bathroom. :sprint:
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That... is... awesome! Pardon me while I link it to everyone I know that does cosplay guides.
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It's super effective! as they say in pokemon.
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I am definitely going to try this on my cosworx "scruffy" wig.. too scruffy! haha.
Thank goodness for the common sense of moms. ^_^
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I know right? XD

Good luck on your wig!
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