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Sleeping with Liz - Comm (Shrunk at College)

Character  Liz OrfinoLocation  Shrunk at College
Update: Added a link to an Alternate Scenario Teaser featuring Liz, which is about 5K words in length!

This is a Shrunk at College
commission by Dangerking11 :icondangerking11:. If you like this one, then you'll find plenty more like it on the artist's DeviantArt page! They also have a Twitter, so go follow there if you've got one.

After waking up in Liz Orfino's (your professor) apartment after she finished a long day of work, you eventually get her attention. But it's late and Liz decides that the best plan would be to sleep and figure things out in the morning. And because of your now tiny size, your slumbering professor just became an exploration site. Surely nothing would go wrong by doing this...

If you're interested in seeing more of Liz in action, check out my shrinking focused text adventure, Shrunk at College! She makes plenty of appearances in the game, both in her own personal route (with a recent content update featuring her) and as a guest in other character's routes. I also just released a new update to Allison's apartment area, including the library section you can access from her apartment, so enjoy the new content!

List of Shrunk at College Commissions
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Size story featuring Liz, along with Anita & Tanya: Shrunk at College - Chaotic Gaming
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One-shots & Short Stories
Shrunk at College One-shot: Raffle Story feat. Alena & Liz
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Just absolutely solid!

Tiny best have gotten permission for this in advance.

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One. This would be a dream life two. I love the story

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Best spot to sleep 😍

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100% agreed! The softest and warmest bed you'll ever find.

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Glad you liked it!

you're welcome ^^
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