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Adolf Hitler as a duck

By Shenziholic
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Last one: Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels [link]

Here comes Adolf Hitler, one of the most insane men in history, as a duck. Don't ask why... He just looks funny, I think. :D
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EstynonHobbyist Digital Artist
What the actual fuck
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NOPEXDDDHobbyist General Artist
U ruined my childhood...
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StarWars888Hobbyist General Artist
My muddah done told me, Sieg Heil!
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Très drôle 
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Wow really?
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CyotheLionProfessional General Artist
Hitler would have been a great, nice artist if the art school didn't rejected him 
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Yea...I don't really get why they didn't accept him...I kinda like his artwork :D
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CyotheLionProfessional General Artist
Instead he became a nazi who killed 6 million people
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AnneMateStudent Filmographer
In the short der fuhrers face you can see a scene where theres a picture of hitler but its a duck
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I hope this is a trill but if not... Its still funny
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Adolf Duckler
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DeadFoxxMCHobbyist Traditional Artist
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:icongunscheplz: Mein Fuhrer, we've turn intro a duck, what the hell is going on?
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weas-elStudent Artist
If anyone thought it was fine to post something offensive such as THIS, they should go to hell, because this is not funny at all. It's very vulgar. Hitler was a very evil man with NO soul. Its never okay to joke about him. 👎👎👎 already disliked.
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avetureHobbyist Writer
Have you seen the old cartoon The Ducktators? I feel this art is based off of that.
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weas-elStudent Artist
Eh, no. But that was an old comment lol
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DipperGoesToTBStudent Traditional Artist
I have osteoporosis.
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weas-elStudent Artist
I posted this a LONG TIME AGO. Why are you even replying?
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Pig123456789Hobbyist Artist
Great drawing of Hitler. The duck would be the animal would best portray him.
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avetureHobbyist Writer
This reminds me of an old cartoon from years ago where they portrayed Germany as a farm with animals and Hitler was a duck and so were the leaders of Italy and Japan. I'll see if i can find it.
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avetureHobbyist Writer
The Ducktators that's what it was called.
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TheDawnbaronsGuardHobbyist Digital Artist
What a fucking hell!? That is so funny!
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