I bought a new tablet!

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By Shenhua

Yeah, I finally got a tablet after 12 years or so! :w00t:

And now I need to re-educate myself on how to use it properly! :(

I bought it yesterday and got it home to try it out on an artwork I have ready to digitally edit and colour, but
after about three hours of continuous mistakes and barely getting anywhere I finally realized that I really need
to practice. I'm terrible at it! ^^;

Really sucks to have it happen like this, since I have two new works to fix and colour, but I guess that it was
a given seeing as I haven't used one for so long. It's the Intuos 3D about 21x13cm, and while it is excellent at
drawing nicely and doesn't lag, my hands are not accurate and need to work a lot to get things right. I know
I need to practice, but a part of me wishes that I could've just worked things out as soon as possible. Well, I'll
need to try making it work as fast as I can.

It's possible to draw over my scans eventually, since I did kind of make the one I was trying work out eventually,
but it was only a very small part of what I was wanting to do. Way slower than using the old mouse method.

Anyway, there it is. I'll keep on giving it my best, but I may need to go back to the mouse for a while if it looks
like my work isn't getting done as fast as I need it to. I'll keep practicing, though it may take me weeks!

See you soon!
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