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Yeah, I finally got a tablet after 12 years or so! :w00t:

And now I need to re-educate myself on how to use it properly! :(

I bought it yesterday and got it home to try it out on an artwork I have ready to digitally edit and colour, but
after about three hours of continuous mistakes and barely getting anywhere I finally realized that I really need
to practice. I'm terrible at it! ^^;

Really sucks to have it happen like this, since I have two new works to fix and colour, but I guess that it was
a given seeing as I haven't used one for so long. It's the Intuos 3D about 21x13cm, and while it is excellent at
drawing nicely and doesn't lag, my hands are not accurate and need to work a lot to get things right. I know
I need to practice, but a part of me wishes that I could've just worked things out as soon as possible. Well, I'll
need to try making it work as fast as I can.

It's possible to draw over my scans eventually, since I did kind of make the one I was trying work out eventually,
but it was only a very small part of what I was wanting to do. Way slower than using the old mouse method.

Anyway, there it is. I'll keep on giving it my best, but I may need to go back to the mouse for a while if it looks
like my work isn't getting done as fast as I need it to. I'll keep practicing, though it may take me weeks!

See you soon!
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Hey guys!

I recently was feeling a little depressed at having nothing done over the last 6-7 years, primarily job related and getting
something out of my skills. It's not just money it's also having the satisfaction of people enjoying my work in some form
or other.

And so I have decided to make my characters from years previously into a Persona-style game where you interact with
them via a social high school theme. I'm thinking of using RPGMaker to make it similar to a dating sim with characters
showing up when you see their interactive dialogue and having it set up in an episodic fashion so I can get it out sooner
than years from now. I'll primarily be doing this on my own, unless I can get others to submit work to it so it gets into
the public sooner.

Please respond people if you would like to see this happen, and if you have any ideas or skills that could go towards this
game. It will be a pet project with characters from Grateful Days (I had renamed it Chance!, but decided to go back to
the original name), and I am in the process of re-drawing an old picture of Akisa so look forward to it!

Thanks for reading!
Souji. :wave:
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Hey guys!

I'm still around, and at this very moment am working on something monumental for me. I won't say what it is
or show anything of the progress of it, as I am a procrastinator when it comes to promises. So, suffice to say
this thing I am doing is a first for my mascot character Kiseki, and I hope it will get a lot of attention when I finish
what it is.

I've had a lot of personal experience with the field I am trying out, and I just hope that I can make it look good. I'm
doing quite well so far, but it will take weeks to get this thing moving along.

Wish me luck!

Souji. :wave:
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Wow! I haven't made a journal for over a year!!?

Time to rectify that. All I can say though is that I have still been modding for Fallout New Vegas and trying many other
things for that game. I also haven't been working or receiving any money from the government. So basically I am a bum
living off my parents' money and generosity. Staying indoors for most of the time, though I have been working out for the
past two months and feeling fitter each day I do it.

As for drawings, I still haven't been making any, though some day I hope to change all that. And soon I hope to also land
a job that is being promised me, and hopefully pays well too.

Anyway, I will try to post more journals should interesting things pop up, but for now ---

Sayonara, Minnasan! :wave:
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Konnichiha minnasan! ;)

Just a *very* short note to let you know that I am still alive and kicking.

I have been modding and learning how to mod for Fallout: New Vegas over the past few
months, and have really learned a lot of stuff! I've always had a bit of a talent for picking
up things fast, but it's been a fun time figuring out how to make things run the way I wish
in a game where they let you practically change everything about it.

Drawing-wise, I have made only one picture in the last four months, and that was just a
Kiseki version of the Penny Character Sheet v3. I may post that sometime soon, but you
never know. Anyway, just know that I am having fun and I shall be around!

Dewa, asu de mata aimasho! :wave:
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Hola friends! :D

Just a small update to tell you where I am and what I am doing.

I've lately been going back to Tafe to try and finish off that blasted course
I can't seem to ever pass, so wish me luck with it this time! :faint:

As for artworks, I have several on the table but haven't the drive to continue
pursuing the fruition of them. I shall endeavour to do something more concrete
about the situation as soon as I can organize something. The remake of the
old fanart I was attempting will get done someday, and I will look into doing
something more with my Kiseki this year. It looks as though I might be changing
her design a bit again, as I have found a new style by another artist I wish to
emulate, so we'll see if I can accomplish it.

That's about it for now! Hopefully I have something to show before my next update!

Bye Bee! :wave:
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Hey kids! ^_^

Just a little note to say that I posted that picture of Kiseki as my first of 2014, and I did it on Pixiv too, and it immediately got a like there, which is a first for me. I have favourites there, but never had them straight away like that.

Anyway, I have played Fallout: New Vegas a LOT over the last few months like I said in my last journal, and modded it to heck. It's been fun but also time-consuming, so I hope to lay off of games after a bit so I can start to concentrate on drawing some more. Still have that artwork of Kiseki lying about waiting to be finished (well, I have her done, but I now need to draw the guy and the background, then colour the entire thing), and that re-draw of the video game character I wanted to do last year.

So, wish me luck, and I shall see you later!

Bye Bee! :D
Just a little update to let those reading my page know where I am.

I am in the process of colouring a newer Kiseki artwork I started drawing before the HDD crash. I am taking it very slowly, so people will need to wait for some time before I can show it off. I drew and coloured a Lisa Simpson anime style some months ago and need to put it up here soon. I also have in mind a fanart of a game character I drew before but lost the digital colour version I was working on when the HDD crashed, and have decided to take another stab at drawing her better and then colouring her properly.

That's about all for now - I recently bought Fallout: New Vegas and have pre-ordered Saints Row 4, so my art may take a bit of a backstop.

Bye bee! :D
Just a note to all who read these that about seven months ago I lost half of my digital version of all my artworks posted here. My HDD had crashed and forced me to reinstall Windows, but I had lost my main backup drive in the process too (it was the cause of the problem, but it got progressively deleted the more I tried to reboot Windows). I was able to recover 60% of my files, but my mascot Kiseki's stuff had been deleted by 90%. To be sure, this was a blow, and I was very deflated by the outcome, but I was just glad that I had the other 10% of the artworks.

Now to the topic title.......

About four weeks ago, my backup HDD died, together with twelve years worth of files I had been saving since I first got a PC. No extra backups and no physical copies of stories I had written or the photos I had taken over the last six years. I have nothing AT ALL to show for everything except for the original artworks I have drawn over the last fifteen years. Naturally, I have no digital versions of what I have shared here any longer (with much larger versions of everything gone), but maybe I will gain the desire to re-try everything better than before. But, it may just be a time to surge forward and forget about what has gone before and only tackle the newer things I am deciding to try.

On that note, I have something to share soon which was taken up after the last crash, which may please some fans of previous artwork I now longer have copies of.

Ja mata ne minnasan!

Back Again! ^^

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 6, 2010, 8:27 PM

Wow, has it been that long since I wrote in this journal? Oh well, I did a recent picture (see the gallery), so I decided to just say hi to those willing to read this.

Hi! :D

Have fun, and I will be back! ^_^

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From Old to New - A Retrospective

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 29, 2010, 9:51 PM

Hello to those who are friends and to those merely watching. ^^;

As I shared on a thumbshare forum today in a thread for old vs new artworks, I was moved upon to make this retrospective on my art, and hopefully share my thoughts on how I think it has changed over the last 16 years.

So, sit back and relax! :teevee:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

First, to what inspired me to first draw anime.

I first saw the games I was playing were designed in a peculiar way as opposed to regular cartoons, and so I was curious as to what else there was with this similar design. I found anime that had been translated into cartoon styles, but this still fascinated me, and I decided to try some out for myself.

My first artwork of anime styling was this:

My first ever anime art by Shenhua
Kaela, drawn sometime in 1994.

She was inspired by an artwork of a character from Ys - not sure which game, but an early one either way. I didn't trace it, but I did copy many of the aspects of that design (which I still have in a folder of old anime pictures I collected). It was this picture that got me started on the road to drawing lots of anime/manga style pictures in the future, so they're very precious to me.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

And then I will show my latest artwork:

Nuigurumi paradise by Shenhua
Nuigurumi paradise, featuring my mascot Kiseki.

This is another older character, but she started out as a sketch in 2005, eleven years after I had started drawing anime art. The evolution of Kiseki is rather similar to my own story, and it is this precise thing I wish to emphasize with this latest artwork as an example.

My sense of anatomy still needs work, but I have seen vast improvements since my first steps into the world of anime and manga. For example, I could never draw small characters for the life of me, but I tried and tried until I got to where I am today. I realize that practice and determination have played a big part in this, and it helps to have a mascot character whom I can rely on to be everything I wish her to be. It's quite refreshing to have created her, and it's maybe a testament to my growth as an artist that I have been given this chance to create anything I wish, if I just put my mind to it.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This may have seemed like a small retrospective, but the implications of what I have said are large and very real - I have such a bright outlook on the future of my art, and I can only hope that my friends here can share in it with me - be sure to stick around! ^^

Have fun, and remember - I turn 34 tomorrow! :boogie:
And yeah, I have installed that journal skin to be a bit more nice to view!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Hey! New year, new artwork, new style, new abilities! I only just finished that artwork for new years today, so there we go!

Expect more stuff this coming year!
See ya!
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :santa:

Well, it's almost there, so I am glad to say Merry Christmas, and I hope you can all enjoy the newest artwork I did, listed beside this journal if you are reading this on my homepage.

Anyway, enjoy Christmas and be sure to take a great New Year along with it! :glomp:

Bye bee!
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The latest artwork by me has just been put up! :D

This is certainly my most grand re-entry into the field of anime art, and I hope that the level of detail and the time taken to produce this is not lost on any of those viewing this page.

The horse was a first for me, and I am extremely pleased by how he turned out. Of course I am happy that Miku and Len turned out great too, and the overall picture is just so nice, that I truly believe that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

I sincerely hope that this one is seen by as many people as can view it! ^_~

Dave. :wave:
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Yeah, I'm back, and raring to go! I have recently been tearing up the Photoshop annals with some tasty 4koma manga, and just put up the fruits of this endeavour tonight! ^^

I have been a bit lax in activity, but the recent slew of Nendoroids coming into my possession has created a resurgence of inspiration, and I dwelt in 4koma bliss and came out smiling! ^^ I have another coming next Monday (here's hoping), when I should be receiving another Nendoroid, so I hope people will look out for them! ;)

Another bit of news - I have a grand scale artwork in the making, which has incidentally been hanging for the last month on my laziness. I still have yet to start compiling it into Photoshop, but I have scanned it and am waiting for the right moment to start colouring it and putting the various parts together! ^_^

Anyway, peace be with you this season! ^_~
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Hello fellow deviants and friends!

I chose that title, as I have some startling information for you:
When I uploaded these pictures - Morinaga Natsuki Bromide 1 and Minamikawa Ukoe Bromide 1, I forgot to mention that these were BOTH made in the one day! :wow:

Yes, that's why it's startling, as I haven't done that in five years! :nod:

I first drew Natsuki, and then I drew Ukoe on the 25th, coloured them through photoshop on the 26th, and then I posted them here today, the 27th! That's three days, and it was a month since I had first drawn Morinaga Akisa Bromide 1, so this is actually a healthy sign that I am starting to draw more often! I hope it lasts! :D

I think I can shed some light on this recent development:
- - - I believe it stems from the fact that I had changed the old story into Chance!, and that I was excited (and still am, by the way) about the whole endeavour. I get really active when something strikes my fancy, and this is perhaps the single best idea for a story I believe I've had since I first started, and so I think that's what has made me suddenly tackle more artworks than before. Either way, it's a good thing, right? I can post more stuff, and people can see what I have in store for the story of Chance!, eh? :blowkiss:

So, there you have it. I guess I have become a bit more proficient in my posting new stuff, so look  forward to more in the future!

:stereo: :wave:
Mata ne!

All characters and Chance! are:
©2009 David Mcnab/Reflection Project Animation Planning Group.
- - -
©2009 僧子最愛/連射プロジェクト動画計画会
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Hello and good evening to you all!

Yes, it has been quite a while, but what with the new artwork and new direction in my story, I decided it was high time to update my page here, so I have taken the chance to do so tonight.

My goal in life still hasn't changed (I want to make an animation of my characters), but it is still a big dream at the moment, and likely to remain so for quite some time! -_-; Still, ambition is paramount in seeing our dreams come to fruition, and I have lofty goals and one day I may get to see them arrive, but in the meantime I shall continue onward and especially with the new version of "Grateful Days" seeing the light of day, I believe things are on the up and up! :)

A word on my various manga/anime series:

As any still watching from the old days would know, my first round of story was called 'Musha', and it starred a certain masked samurai maiden known as Naganomori Natsuki, who was left alone and isolated due to her parents being killed and being blamed for it. Over a period of three years, this story started to fizzle, and is all but a memory of what once was.

About two years after I had created 'Musha', a certain spin-off title came into being, entitled 'Grateful Days', which was to be a story involving high-school kids and your typical anime staple: high-school drama and romantic stories. It was also a story about a band named 'Grateful Days', lead by Hanasaka Kensuke (on the right, of course), and his girlfriend would have been Morinaga Akisa, who had a sister in Morinaga Natsuki. Looking back at the series, it changed more than I had planned, and I think that's what caused me to change it around a lot in the new idea, with the new-look Akisa being already shown to you tonight, as seen in my 'Featured Deviation' there.

A word on my new series:

Only beginning at the start of this month, a new idea came to me about my existing characters, and I decided to change the name of 'Grateful Days' to 'Chance!', and the overall story is going through major changes, as is the look of the characters seen in it.

You have already seen the first change to the left in my 'Morinaga Akisa Bromide 1' there, as I saw a similar style of eyes around the 'net, and tried them, to find that they really gave Akisa this postively radiant kindness and joy! She really exudes flair and sweetness, so I am sticking to this style from now on - I promise! :P

As for other characters, a new idea formed, and you'll all see it as I share my artworks with you all as time goes by. Small changes in characters will be shown earlier, but bigger surprises are in store for those willing to wait it out, so be advised things will be added as I make them. Of course, given my track record, it may take between a month to three years, but it'll eventually get made, so watch for it! ;)

Anyway, thanks for visiting my site, and be sure to comment if you like my new stuff! ^_~

By the way! The text under the logo 'Chance!' is actually my name, and the fictional company I created.

僧子最愛/反射プロジェクト動画計画会 actually,
Sōji Monaru/Rensha Project Dōga Keikakukai
...which in turn means,
Mcnab David/Reflection Project Animation Planning Group

Anyway, That's the way I do it now! :D
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Hey peeps. Still hangin' around, doing this and that.

I've taken up a course in RL that's given me a new vantage point on digital mediums. If anyone has heard of Blender, then they'd know what I'm doing these days, while still trying to do 2D applications.

Yep, I'm into 3D now, and have found that I really have an aptitude that I didn't think I had. Even my teacher here says I am too good for the class, and many others agree that I should try it for a profession.

Well, maybe I should. ^_^

As for other matters, I bought myself a Pentax K100D DSLR two days ago, and will be sure to add any good photos here when I take some. Be ready for them!


P.S: a BIG hello to all my friends! ^_^
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Well, it's another day, and as most of those who watch my deviations should know, I've finally submitted something after 5 months of nothing.

Lisa Simpson - Anime Ver. was a blast to do on the new PC I have (did I mention it in the last Journal?), and I will look forward to the next one I"m ready to do ASAP. Along with my Intel Core 2 Duo PC, I have Photoshop CS3, so I have some great ways of making the pics.

Other things are the new LCD TV I bought the other week, and have been loving the component system and the nice largeness of the 81cm widscreen TV! ^^ I also am waiting for my tax return so I can manage my financial affairs, and to pay for the registration of my car, to keep it on the road. Once that's done, I hope to have a bit of money left to pay off my credit cards and have some space to get the figure I recently ordered.

So, that's it for now,

TTFN! :boogie:
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Well, hasn't this been just the longest time?

It seems like a few years, but it's only been six months since I last came here. That's a very long time, however, and I"m sure many of you have been thinking that I'd never come back. If there's anyone still out there, they'll be glad to see that I"ve come back, and happy to know that I've not stopped drawing.

In fact, I've been perfecting my style tremendously, making vast differences, while remaining in similar style in most respects. I've just finally come upon a definite style for eyes and facial structure (jawline and ears).

While I have nothing to put up here as yet, there will be a few artworks coming up to show any and all who are watching, and I'll be sure to update when I can.

The main reason for not coming here was the lack of motivation to get any real artwork done, and so I felt no need to come here, only to keep saying there's nothing to say other than I have no artworks to show, but I have now, so look out for them.

Ever since losing my job at Kmart (due to their closure), I still have no job four months later, and it's starting to show - I have less and less things to buy, though I have to replace my TV with an LCD - when I can afford it. It's been a long four months, and I hope the next three go well and I get the job at the place taking over Kmart's old space.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and when I get the chance to come back again, I'll be sure to show you all something nice.

Bye bee! ^_~