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Stop him you cowardly fags.
Or at least die trying.

God I cannot handle incompetence anymore these days. ;)
You know, this kind of scene was what I wanted from Revenge of the Sith during the March on the Jedi Temple. In short, this painting alone is better than all of the Star Wars Prequels.
Johndennis4209's avatar
I love this piece! The fine details are so very well done!! But..
A hood doth not an assassin maketh thee.
That's the only physical difference I see between him, the dead dudes on the floor (are they dead? there's no blood, wounds, or even damage to their armor to show they've been harmed), and the lousy guards in the back, who's defensive stances suggest that the man in the hood should be heading towards them, but in my opinion (I would be running away if I were one of them) I would have drawn them as advancing towards the man in the hood, as if to pursue him (and at the rate he's walking he wouldn't be difficult to catch).
The guy in the hood comes off as a total badass, which is fine to do with assassin-type/lone-wolf characters, but he seems as if he's too good for the scenario he's in, so to my eye it kinda downplays his coolness, because he's not worried in the least, almost as if he's not even serious about being an assassin. For me, an assassin character can be as silly as he wants off the job, for example Ed Kenway, but on the assassination job, even Ed swaps his cunning smile for a grim mask. This guy's face, compounded with the situation he's in, reminds me of Starkiller from The Force Unleashed; an OP wildcard who kills because he can, or because he was told to.
I really do like the piece, and I find it amazing, but I just gotta put this out there. Good work on this one :)
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Really? That's what you saw? I saw it and thought one thing - "He cannot be stopped." Within a glance that was what I interpreted. And I figured he knows that, too, that's why his expression is so stoic. He isn't even thinking about failure, he is singleminded about his mission. And that's why those guards aren't even trying. They ran up on that scene and felt so much "nope" that now they're just standing there looking confused. They know they should engage, but don't really want to LOL
It's really interesting how different people can see entirely different things.
Johndennis4209's avatar
Wow haha, now that I've read your comment, I can see the "nope" clearly expressed on the surviving guards' faces. I mean, I'm with them on their decision, I wouldn't wanna engage this guy either. Maybe they're scared he'll suddenly change his mind and turn around to kill them too, so that's maybe why they've got those stances.
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lol You see it too now? They kinda remind me of me when I realize someone I'm avoiding has noticed me and I freeze all awkward-like lol
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This is majestically sinister. :iconlaxdplz:

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Nah, he doesn't attack them, they just slip on the ground :D
OberstJurten's avatar
That's really really nice!!!
spybuster2's avatar
A lovely scene of murder but as an assassin effort I would say terrible...I suppose what origination he represents or if the hit required a certain style..>Ah well, just my ramblings.
who-the-moon-is's avatar
superb. and I do not use that word lightly, just DANG. It's fantastic work, particularly the details. Gosh.
joseph-sweet's avatar
Amazing amount of detail. Congrats on the DD. It was obviously well deserved.
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WoNdErFuL WoRk :iconbravoplz: great details!
Pichulover20's avatar
It's hard to criticize something that had THIS much careful detail! Overall it's just incredible!

One thing I've noticed that sort of throws it off is that the sword is a bit lacking of blood. Actually, the whole picture is a bit lacking in blood. Unless, of course, he didn't stab them then that's fine but still this is really REALLY good! I still can't believe that there are people out there that put so much patience and effort into stuff like this.
redekens's avatar
maybe he just beat them all up with his fists, THEN drew his blade as he walked away :P
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I love the detail in the floor! It amazes me that such work can go into such a simple, basic element of a composition.

I can't help but wonder what's just happened here. The assassin's just walking away, clearly without a care for being stopped. The guards still standing are just watching him go, too. And that sitting guard on the left really captures me. He's watching the assassin walk away with this almost confused look, like he isn't sure what's going on either. Or maybe he's just in shock from his injury. Also, the assassin clearly isn't a stealthy one, and is all but flaunting that symbol on his breastplate. Was he sent to send a message? Make an example of these men?

Great piece. I love the lighting and colors. I love the contrast between the assassin's expensive-looking armor and that almost ragged cloak. That raises another question... Congrats on the DD. :)
meiyue's avatar
Congratulations on the DD! :love:

Have a nice day :iconlainloveplz:
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Awesome cape, dude!
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i cant stop looking at the floor, everything is beautiful in detail here
fedupN's avatar
Hahah great picture of a terrible assassin
"oh man I am soooo brooding and badass while I calmly walk through the halls...wait...where the target? Why are the doors locked? Wait dont tell me they got away AGAIN!? "
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