I am preparing for my very first solo exhibition.  For the past year and a half I have been scheduling "First Friday" artists for a local winery.  This came to be in a rather odd way.  I was soliciting sponsorship of appetizers for an "Emerging Artists" exhibition I've organized for a few years and the owner of the establishment said "I will help you, if you help me fill the side wing with art" (Or something like that.)  In larger cities First Fridays are common, so I suggested it.  Well, long story short, March was impossible to fill.  In the process I booked us all the way through to next December.  I made the text and the owner supported my turn as a featured artist.  Wish me luck, all!
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By ShenaSloboda
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Sold a decent amount of prints and 5 (? maybe) originals.... this was in March and I was not in the mood to report upon it at the time.  As of recently I have realized I want to focus a bit more on my art and take a step back from volunteering in an environment which is still strongly resisting necessary change.  Have not painted more than one painting since this show!  Time to regain focus and realize most of the others volunteering have more time (retired/etc.), and have had the opportunity to attend festivals, pursue their desires, and have family vacations during formative years.  I have been ignoring my dreams ever since I got in over my head saying yes to a bit more than I can chew.  Now I just accepted a second job it might be time to focus on producing art?
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wishing you a good show!