Hello all!  Long time no update.  I have been working overtime at my two main jobs trying to stay afloat, beyond art and arts-stuff volunteering.  Took a month long break to get ready for my first one lady show that I actually had to pay for.  Became obsessed with an antique frame that held the largest (damaged) canvas I had ever seen.  I pictured a scene at our camp.  The transition of dusk to dark, looking upon the treeline as you sit at the fire.  Your eyes stop working normally, you debate going in as the light gets fuzzy and everything settles for the night.  This drove me batty.  I stripped the old, damaged painting from the 1800s from the frame (adhered with nails=tetanus shot after an unexpected one!)  I re-stretched it, primed it first with multiple layers of gesso, then with multiple layers of black.  Then came the OCD.  Along with usual prep of promotion, posters, label cards, and framing some from scratch (overcame the fear of the dado blade on the table saw when I realized it would save me almost $120 when was all said and done if I made frames from 1x2s!), I also had this piece eating at my mind.  An untouched relic.  An empty canvas.  An underworked piece.  An underworked and overworked piece.  In the end it feels like the memory but could have been more.  My obsession with it's frame and the epic notion of a statement piece left me a bit paralyzed, but mostly by time.  You can only sleep 2 1/2 hours then work 13 hours at two jobs two and a half days in a row before the piece will not dry in time for you and your kind hanging helper to find it's place.

Overall.  Feeling calm now.  I felt great once all the work found it's niche.  Sold one very small piece so far.  Hear a couple are debating coming back to dwell (fingers crossed- one has purchased before!)  I do not think I will ever acquire a giant antique frame and form an inspiration around it's gravity ever again.  I saved the remains of the 1800s image and plan to buy stretchers and salvage areas of the image.

Does anyone else have any other first show stories?  I mean, I had a solo show at the Winery I schedule for a couple of years ago of a similar size but feel it does not stack up due to the fact I schedule for them and had a dead month, plus they do not charge for the space or commission (but it makes it so fun to talk to artists and help them schedule :) )  It feels much more different when I am investing so much more to promote.
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See my work submitting same day for more details on this piece.  I submitted the finished painting alone as well as it within the frame at the show.