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By ShenaSloboda
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18"x24" Oil Pastel

An older piece, wanted to play with the medium. It's a scene of someone in a diner, most of the back of the image is viewed through a mirror on the wall behind them.
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this is a really great perspective and shouldn't be scraps...
I also like your unique perspective subjects for and of painting.
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Thank you very much. My scraps aren't typical scraps per say, they are works which I have deemed to fall outside of my body of work's "focus" per say? I dunno I'm sorta lost right now artistically, trying to find the perfect expression, one which sells and releases me at the same time. I tend to be a bit lazy so the more detailed work has fallen wayside to the progressively more and more blurred expression of my images, and as I do so it begins to feel more "right."
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did you do this with a photo ref.?
very nice:)
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Yea... almost all my work is completed from one or several reference photos (I take them though... photography is a little side hobby). Glad you like it :)
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ya, and photo always stays the same (lighting and all) easier for us to work with=D
and you're welcome:)