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Coming Down

By ShenaSloboda
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11x14" Oil on Canvas
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1759x1362px 740.89 KB
Shutter Speed
1/8 second
Focal Length
7 mm
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Date Taken
Mar 21, 2006, 5:27:32 PM
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This is a very nice painting!
I like the color scheme.
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The atmosphere here is very evocative. I like it. What's your process for these night scenes? Can't imagine it would be easy to work from life.
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I rarely work from life, I am big on the moment and though I don't paint slow I don't tend to capture what I want that way. Most of my source photos are taken with my Nikon D50, I searched for ages for an inexpensive DSLR that produced lifelike color (I found the Canons to be too close the blue/green spectrum... to each their own.)
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lovely paint
love to see it in person
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:) Thank you, I have not seen it in person in ages myself as I gave it to my mom (they always get their favorites!)
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Girl, this is by far my favorite favorite. POaint more like this, and please take better pictures of your work, it deserver better uploaded images.
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:D Thank you! It's my favorite piece as well, the direction I do intend on moving in. I kept hoping to take fancy portfolio shots with two lamps n all, but most of the work I have up here I no longer own! Normally the images you see are just a "yey, I finished it and I want to share/document before a hurricane comes up and defies it's creation!" lol. Unfortunately I never get around to taking better shots... some day...
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""yey, I finished it ..."
I know the feeling.
I'll be waiting for the pictures.
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City streets at night, sliding past. This is the impression that I get from this painting, and it is a situation I have found myself in many times so I find it easy to relate to this piece. The dark tones just add to the strong, deep emotive atmosphere that the composition contains: I like this a lot.
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thx for watching!:D
I like this one very much;)
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:) thank you, I was really pleased with the way it came out :)
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Great work, it really is beautyful, great eyes, great skills and talent, must :+fav:
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:) Thank you... I know artists aren't supposed to favor one piece over another amongst their portfolio... but I must say... this is mine :) I want to produce more like this... gradually move towards these dream-like impressions, when I remember a scene that is how I see it up in my head.
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That's why i said "great eyes", even if it's on your mind or a picture, you have decomposed al those colors. Good luck on producing more like this, please post them, i'll would suggest better pictures of your work.
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You paint great, but all we got is a not so well picture, i think the work deserves the extra minutes.
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Thank you :), I want to get better shots, but have been quite lazy about setting it all up proper, tripod n all (plus the focus on my DSLR is busted, so I've been relying on my poor eyesight to focus it :( )
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this is great!!!!
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I can't quite pin as to what I'm looking at, but, I really like it, whatever it may be.

When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought the black objects on the bottom were two windshield wipers...I guess they're not :) Or are they?

Still, it reminds me of a dashboard view; driving through the city at night; traffic, rain, and old blades smearing away the world. The brown structure towards the upper right might be the back of a tractor-trailer, or it might be an old warehouse, or...something else entirely.

Excellent...I just wish it were a little larger then the 600x465 resolution, which looks tiny on my 15" 1600x1200 screen and makes it a little difficult to see details. But hey, since this is a photo of a painting, I'm sure the real-world equivalent is even more amazing. Cheers!
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