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you lose points for not calling the 'cash cow' the 'bull-ion'

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Wow, that looks really cute. But despite this cuteness, it seems to me that there is some hidden meaning in this image, which, unfortunately, I still cannot guess. Guys, do you think these characters can look like characters from some game? Lately I have been playing games a lot, so I think it would be cool if someone created arcade 2D games in this style, I think it would be very atmospheric. I mostly play game apps to make money, but I think I would play a simple game just for fun. I found this art by accident, but I think that now I will subscribe to the author on social networks, as well as follow his work on this site.

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dude mint tulip reminds me of some earthbound character
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Thanks for sharing! I will never, EVER get over "24-carrot bunicorn"... it's just too good of a name.
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I wonder if Mint Tulip knows Pot of Greed?
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I do love the names and the designs for Cash Cow, False Profit and Hard Knox, they all just really cool designs!

Excellent work on these!
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Mint Tulip was later found dead of indigestion after all of the EA board jumped in it's mouth at once 
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Couldn't have said it better myself
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EA is the true monster
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I remember I posted this on twitter like the day of the EA show and people thought I was making a joke about them.
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Great puns and great designs!
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Put them in a comic! they’d make a great villain team!
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love the mint tulip, how'd you come up with these cool names?
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I feel like I could get along with False Profit. Something about seems trust worth.........and my money is gone.
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I'm so mad I never thought of false profit that's a good one!
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These are seriously cool! I hope you do a game or something with some of your original creatures!
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i really want a "Cash Grab" creature
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It took me a second to get Mint Tulip, I thought it was a non sequitur.
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The name on that one is secondary to the design, since visually it's still a "root of all evil" joke with a money plant growing from a pot of gold.
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False Profit is just a stellar pun. Truly.
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all of these look cool :D
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