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pyroman7Hobbyist Artist

Just looking at this makes me yearn for another Gitaroo Man game

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JoshiTheSlothHobbyist Digital Artist
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marioperson123Hobbyist Artist
Touching the coat makes you get that feeling you get when you hit your elbow
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TheNikwellHobbyist Traditional Artist

Damn, she's awesome.

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Very subtle joke there
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Why do I have a feeling that she's behind some of youtube's worse decisions as of late?
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nerdsman567Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice design! She looks like a character from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. :)
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CalledRokketHobbyist Digital Artist
looks like Gruntilda when you get a game over
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Very devious 
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She looks awesome and i like the idea with this... battle coat? :D
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♫ Si nous sommes de sacrés pirates ...♫  Sorry but the name reminded me of Mass Media from "Les mondes engloutis" (or Spartakus and the sun beneath the sea)
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very cute
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Kuveko2010Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow I love that coat form.
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GLiTCH-RHobbyist General Artist
She doesn’t actually attack you, she just spreads lies and gossip about you until you get cancelled XD
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Finally, some good fucking art.
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GMQUilmataalphaHobbyist Writer
Looks perfect for a loveable antagonist :D
Good job 
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She have a tail?
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Can she be a smash bros trophy?
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