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Why do I get Darkwing Duck vibes from this

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el suave vaivén de las bolas!!!

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InkdKenProfessional Digital Artist
SO much Zany energy! i'm %10000 here for this
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RealAdamSandlerProfessional Filmographer
my father was a kremling, i have found memoiries playing on that ship. how dares those filthy kongos challenge us, force us onto their filthy island
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ShenaniganzaProfessional Digital Artist
"forced us onto their filthy island"

Typical kolonialist version of events. I bet you think Donkey Kong just gave you all those bananas too, huh?
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RealAdamSandlerProfessional Filmographer
the kongs started it, calling us battletoads, imprisoning krems with toads, insanity.  those bananas were considered for our landing tax. easier to blunderbus a kong when his famished. 
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itsamiiyourdeathHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh no not pre patch ultimate again
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LumdropProfessional Digital Artist
Wh-where's Scurvy!
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GTK666Student Traditional Artist
Mec, tu parles français !?
Parce que ce jeu de mot est... exquis 👌
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Holly krap it’s Krunch
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BehonkissHobbyist Filmographer
So many good memories and fun takes on these guys, especially Kritter and Klaptrap.  Here's hoping K. Rool and Smash points to them appearing in another core DK game someday!
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SirArceonHobbyist Writer
*Gangplank Galleon intensifies*
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BrewBadumHobbyist General Artist
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Oh, wow, so many games brought together for one army!  Great stuff!
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Loving how most of the games are represented here. :)
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Kremlin cavalry 
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LONG LIVE KING K ROOL 👑🎮🎮🎊🎉🎆👑👑🐊🐊🐊🍌🍌🍌
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King K Rool: onwards my kremlings smash bros awaits!
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EthanBurnesMKDMHobbyist General Artist
The best thing Rareware ever created as a rival for Donkey Kong.
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HassanLechkarHobbyist General Artist
I really love it! :love:
I especially love how the Klaptrap looks. :XD: Krunch, Klinger, Kopter and Kritter also look really really good too! :la: Even K. Rool himself appears to be proud and awesome!
I also love the colors and the background too. :)

Overall a very astounding work of art! :D :thumbsup:
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Cin-DerrHobbyist Digital Artist
*crocodile rock plays intensely*

love it!~
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A fine gang.
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VersirisProfessional Digital Artist
YES I LOVE THIS!!! Everyone has so much personality!
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i kinda miss those crocs

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