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Don't Have A Cow, Eggman

The Simpsons CD version of Bart will always be my favorite.



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Ah, one of my all time favourite shows crossed over with one of my all time favorite franchises. Nice

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Bart Simpson's my favourite character of all time in The Simpsons.

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Awesome take on The Simpson’s! :)
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Hey SEGA! Simpsons! Are you listening? We need, BART MANIA 2 up in here!
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This remains one of my favorite drawings of yours to this very day. 
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Bart: Bart's the game, speed's my name!

Homer: Now, I will conquer all of Springfield and turned it into Homerland. Especially now that I have Chaos Nachos, hehehehe. *makes a sudden realization he said nachos instead of emeralds* D'oh!
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Great, now can't unsee Simpsons.
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"Shaving off your mustache and putting on a white shirt won't fool me, Eggman.  I still know it's you!"
-Sonic the Hedgehog, when interacting with Homer Simpson (Lego Dimensions)
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Oh, I could've sworn this was in the style of Cyborg Kuro-Chan. Nevermind!:meow:
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Faster than the d'oh eye, Bart the Hedgehog!
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Thats my favorite shrek episode
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Oh, my God.  Eggman Homer: I cannot un-see that.
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Sanic the Barthog and Dr. Homerman
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Haha, great idea! I'm surprised the Simpsons themselves haven't done this already. XD
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This is AWESOME!!! :D
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I'm bartic the simphog, who the hell are you?
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