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Some of these look like Pokémon. 10/10
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I made a oc based on baron wasteland in ok ko let’s be heroes and ocs based on rubella and fruthulhu in cuphead shenaniganza

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Love Baron Wasteland! The design is so awesome! 
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That rubella is super cool. 
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These are awesome
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Took the words right outta my mouth
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I think my favorites of these have to be forbidden fruthulhu and the bean stalker, both very creative plant designs!

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what's cadusa's name origin? I know it is part medusa, but I don't get the first syllable
Dude-in-the-box's avatar
aaaah, thank you, I did not know that this was the name for it :3
thank you kindly!
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You have such variety of designs. It is amazing watching them.
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shyster? racisty 
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tag urself i'm bad seed
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These are so cool! I love all the puns and wordplay :D
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These are all incredible and I love them
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Wow, I don't know what to say. Such random characters with really cool designs. It shows a very creative mind. I really like the Paper Soldier and the Fruthulhu

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Baron Wasteland is my favorite!
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ufqt is my ufgf now
RealAdamSandler's avatar
this isnt the first time my genius waas stolen
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Yes, yes, we all remember the Click remote sequence in Epic Movie.
RealAdamSandler's avatar
jojo rips me off every villian uses a piece of the universal remote
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Wow this is awesome I Wonder what wood they be like in their world
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