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This is the most creative and silly thing in the history of everything.
Visitor257's avatar
I love the Cuphead vibe this boss has going!
Faithfeather's avatar
Omg i love it!!!
Randommode's avatar
Toast makes everything happen 
fanficdude's avatar
please tell me this boss is offical
NM-Kuhn's avatar
Man, if you're designing this boss in this game, congratulations to you! I think this is really my favourite boss I've ever seen and I hope they would love to see it in the game when it releases. ;)
Mast3r-Rainb0w's avatar
tiem for BRUNCH, old chap A "toast" to such an amazing work of art!
w-illein's avatar
I can't even articulate how much I love this. Too damn appealing!
Jack-Lant's avatar
Now we just need to put this guy in a video game.
Thermyon-Vulcronus's avatar
Bread... Where's the butter?
Sloth-Power's avatar
I'm not even joking, but this is one of the best thing I seen this year
Dollwoman's avatar
This is the best bread monster I have ever seen.
NM-Kuhn's avatar
Yeah, me too.
ToasterStrooder's avatar
As a toaster, I could kill this thing easily... but I don't want to, so I won't. 

This rivals the Computer Knight for one of your most brilliant designs ever! The amount of creativity and expression is insane! 
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The hero will be toast!
AlexFanmade's avatar
Clap of course, but Wheat till u see his final form
caustic1824's avatar
fanficdude's avatar
OK people RYE are you all making all of these BUNS and or wordplay
caustic1824's avatar
I DOUGHN'T know? Maybe we KIMMEL help it! 
ToasterStrooder's avatar
It'll take the average player at yeast 50 tries in order to succeed. 
this is funny and cool
RobbieCave's avatar
Oh man! This could be a perfect character for a video game!
digitalSatyr23's avatar
Holy toast! This rye's design is so cool I can barley believe it!
TheCopyUniverseTCU's avatar
This is clever, those names are clever. Now, if you'll pardon me, I need to get my Peanut Butter and Jelly.
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