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Part 1: The Uninvited Guest

Should she go with the 45mm ball gag or the 64mm one?

 Ana definitely wanted to wear the larger one. She loved how her lips fit around it, and she was planning to unveil it as the ‘secret surprise’ she’d been teasing Stella with. However, Ana didn’t really know how long she’d be wearing it. Maybe her jaw would fare better if she started out small. Decisions, decisions…

 Finally, she said ‘screw it,’ and laid the larger gag down on the table. A kinky display for Stella when she arrived. It was thrilling to look at the gag, knowing that the gorgeous lesbian Ana had been chatting with for weeks would soon come over, strap it in her mouth, and take pictures for their enjoyment.

 Ana never imagined that she’d ever let anyone tie her up on their first real meeting, but Stella sure knew how to twist her rubber arm. When Ana saw how cute some of the bondage pictures from Stella’s collection were, she just couldn’t say no to a photo shoot of their own.

 Ana checked the clock and instantly started panicking. She had spent so long nitpicking the little things, that she had lost track of the time. She would be meeting Stella in a matter of minutes, and she still had to change and finish her makeup. Ana had only gotten her foundation done before getting sidetracked. Ana scurried into her bedroom, stashed away the smaller ball gag, and looked through her closet for the fourteenth time. She had been wearing nothing but a lacy black bra and some matching panties for the last half an hour, not sure what to wear for their first meetup.

 The lingerie was an easy choice. If Stella got to see that much, then Ana would want to look sexy as hell. If she didn’t get that far… God, what should her look be?! Casual? Sexy? Cute? Ana groaned in frustration. This should not be this difficult! Stella was just a hookup from the internet! So what if they had way better chemistry than most other girls? The odds of this turning into anything serious was slim to none on a good day. So, why was Ana so flustered?!

 This was the first time Stella would get to see her in person. The first time she would get to see more than just a flirtatious selfie with half the face cropped out. And most importantly, the first time Ana got to be tied up by a hot buxom blonde. Suffice to say, Ana wanted to her first impression to be perfect.

 Too bad she didn’t quite know what ‘perfect’ was.

 With the clock ticking louder than ever, Ana threw up her hands and picked the first thing she saw. A ribbed burgundy sweater, and some tight blue jeans. She tucked them under her arm and rushed towards the bathroom. She’d change there and throw on some matching makeup on the double.

 As Ana passed through the living room, she did a double-take on the gag display she had arranged on the coffee table. She stopped dead in her tracks. The big ball gag was missing.


 Ana’s eyebrows shot up into her hairline as a pair of gloved hands shot into her field of vision and forced the 64mm ball gag between her teeth. Ana’s clothes fell to the floor as she screamed into the gag and stood there, stunned. She froze for only a second, but her assailant made good use of it. Before Ana could fully process what was happening, the gag was buckled up as tightly as possible around her head.

 No sooner had Ana’s defensive instincts kicked in, did the mysterious attacker grab her arms and pull her backwards. Ana tried to look behind her and see who her assailant was. Had Stella come early and snuck up behind her? How did she get in undetected? Was this all some horrible prank?

 A spine-tingling voice whispered in Ana’s ear and confirmed her worst fears. “I’m not here to hurt you, but if you can’t cooperate, I’ll have to make sure that you don’t get in my way.”

 Ana’s heart pounded as though it was trying to break out of her rib cage. This was a nightmare! ‘Run for it,’ Ana thought to herself. ‘It’s your only shot!’

 With a garbled grunt, Ana brought her foot down hard on her captor’s toes. She heard a sharp yell and felt the hands loosen their grip on her arms. It was now or never! With a burst of strength, Ana fought herself loose and bolted for the door.

 She got one meter.

 One meter before a heavy body pounced on her from behind and sent her tumbling to the floor. It was a miracle that Ana’s glasses stayed on her face. Pain shot through her shoulder as she landed on her side, but she barely noticed. She was still in a state of fight-or-flight. Ana tried to scramble to her feet but found herself pinned beneath the weight of the intruder.

 Finally, the distraught brunette got the chance to see who had gagged her. A woman with her face concealed by a masquerade style of mask. The first thing that struck Ana was her hair. They shared the exact same colour of hair. Their bodies were also shaped quite the same, but that was pretty much where the similarities ended. This woman’s eyes were lighter than Ana’s. More of a hazel colour. The hazel-eyed woman’s arms and legs were bigger, and were fully covered by a tight latex catsuit. A long pair of boots and rubber gloves completed her look. Ana was very much reminded of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman.

 The cat burglar brandished a strand of rope with the bight already folded. She pulled it tight between her hands and said, “I’m robbing you for all you’re worth. That much was inevitable. But this next part? That’s all on you, bitch.”

 She lifted her weight enough to let Ana roll onto her belly. Without skipping a beat, the hazel-eyed cat burglar straddled her victim and used her legs to force Ana’s elbows together behind her back. Poor Ana whimpered and pleaded into the rubber ball, but her captor gave her no regard as she wrapped up her elbows and cinched them together in a tight two-column tie.

 Ana desperately tried to claw at the cat burglar’s thighs, but her nails couldn’t dig through the tough catsuit. A squeal left Ana’s gagged lips as the cat burglar grabbed her by the wrists and lifted them upward. It stretched her shoulders something awful; and soon, Ana felt more rope coiling around her wrists.

 By the time her wrists were secured, Ana knew that there was no chance of escape. In a frantic last resort, she started kicking against the floor. It was torturous for her feet, but the noise was her only hope of rescue. Alas, she only got in three good kicks before her captor had spun around and taken hold of her legs.

 “Hllf! HLLPH!”

 The huge rubber ball in Ana’s mouth reduced her to a squirming, one-woman symphony of muffled pleads and helpless grunts. An impromptu soundtrack to her own restraint. First, the cat burglar tied up Ana’s thighs, just as she had tied her wrists and elbows. Ana’s ankles joined the bound club next.

 The cat burglar then bent Ana’s legs and sat on them, forcing her feet against her butt. Ana may have been relatively new to the whole ‘bondage’ thing, but she knew there was a hogtie coming. She tried her best to squirm her body and bend her arms out of the cat burglar’s reach. Sadly, she didn’t go for the arms.

 Instead, she pulled all of Ana’s hair out from under the gag strap and tied it in a knot. Intertwined in this knot, was the end of the fifth strand of rope. The rope was then wrapped between her ankles and pulled tight, forcing Ana’s mewling head up into the air. The cat burglar pulled the end of the rope out of her captive’s reach and started tying--


Part 2: The Invited Guest

 Both Ana and the cat burglar shot their eyes to the doorway, and all motion in the room ground to a screeching halt. A busty blonde girl with gorgeous green eyes had entered. She stood on a lovely pair of high heels, with a short black skirt, and a halter crop top.


 After staring wide-eyed at the two brunettes for what felt like an eternity, Stella finally broke the silence. “Oh, wow! You said that you had a surprise for me, but I never imagined that you’d bring another model for our photo shoot!”

 The cat burglar sat frozen over Ana for a moment longer as the gears in her head kicked back into motion. Finally, she spoke up in a somewhat meek tone. “Yeah, well… the opportunity presented itself.”

 No no no! Despair washed over Ana and her heart started racing. The only person who could save her was falling for a catastrophic ploy.

 “NNMM! STLLLMMPH!” Ana struggled as much as she could and tried to shake her head at Stella.

 Stella locked eyes with Ana, and the bound girl’s muffled begs weren’t lost on her. “Umm…  are you sure she’s comfortable in that strict bondage?”

 “Oh, don’t you worry about her. She’s just… she’s way into roleplay. It’s just unreal how much she commits to her character.” The cat burglar gave Ana a firm slap on her butt, and said, “Trust me: She’s loving every second of this.”

 Ana was loathing every second of this.

 Stella’s face lit up at the mention of roleplay. “Oh, cool! We can shoot like a scenario with costumes and everything! Are you two doing a ‘cruel domme and her adorable sub’ scene?”

 “More like a ‘wily burglar’ scene.”

 Stella raised an eyebrow. “A burglar that brought a ball gag to a home invasion?”

 “It could happen,” the cat burglar said with a rather defensive tone. “Don’t look into it too much.”

 Ana couldn’t believe this was happening. How could Stella actually be buying this? Ana cursed herself for always been too shy to show Stella a full picture of her face. All Stella knew about Ana was her hair and body, and the cat burglar was a pretty close match. It was understandable that Stella didn’t recognize her blind date bound and gagged on the floor, but she should know that Ana wanted to be the bunny. Not the rigger!

 That damn burglar must have used up all her rope on Ana. That’s the only reason Stella wasn’t being tied up next to her right now. Ana had to get through to her somehow, and fast! She pushed with as much force as her tongue could muster, but the ball gag didn’t budge. Nevertheless, Ana was nothing if not persistent. She squirmed and cried with no intention of stopping. Stella had to catch on sooner or later.

 Stella looked down at Ana, struggling on the floor to no avail. A grin formed on her face as she admired the struggling brunette, and then a look of uncertainty. Ana stared up at her with hopeful eyes until Stella finally spoke up.

 “Y’know, I like the hogtie and all that, but I don’t know if it matches the whole ‘damsel in distress’ role.”

 Ana groaned and rolled her eyes as the cat burglar tried her best to play it cool. “I think it looks fine. What did you have in mind?”

 Stella bit her lip to try and hide her naughty grin before turning to the cat burglar. “What have you got for chairs?”

Part 3: Completing the Look

 Much to Ana’s relief, she soon found her hair untied from her feet. Much to her dismay, she was then lifted up on her feet and led away. The ropes on her legs forced her to hop clumsily as she tried her best to warn Stella.  

 “Mn nhht rhhmphmning! Plhff hlmph!”

 They led Ana over to a wooden chair; occasionally prodding her with a spanking. Ana struggled persistently, but the cat burglar forced her down into the seat with her bound arms draped over the back.

 “Perfect,” Stella exclaimed. “Now how about we connect her ankles to her wrists?”

 The cat burglar made a nefarious grin and said, “You just read my mind!”

 The rope from Ana’s hogtie was still hitched to her ankles. She felt her feet bend up beneath the seat as the cat burglar pulled that rope tight and lashed it to her wrists. Ana was now every bit as helpless as before, but at least she could make a bit of noise by jerking hard enough to move the chair. And as always, she kept up her feeble attempts to speak to Stella.

 At the very least, her efforts did not go unnoticed. Stella looked her up and down with starry eyes. After a moment, she turned her gaze to the cat burglar. “Hey, Ana?”

 “What is it,” she asked with a hint of nervousness.

 “Do you mind if I…” Stella paused before standing on her toes and whispering something in the cat burglar’s ear.

 The hazel-eyed hag looked down at Ana for a moment before slowly curling her lips into a despicable smirk. “I love that idea.”

 “Yay!” Stella beamed and said, “Can you go get everything for me?”

 The cat burglar left to the bathroom, and Ana escalated into a new level of panic. If that thief left their sight, she might try another dirty trick. All she’d have to do is find a sock and some tape, and Stella would get the same treatment Ana had! Ana bucked as hard as she could to budge the chair and she screamed against her already sore throat with pleading eyes.

 “Plmmf lht mm ghm! Wrr mn dmmngrr! Hlm--MMPH?!”

 Warmth flooded Ana’s cheeks as her blonde guest sat down on her lap. Stella’s breasts squished against Ana’s as she cradled the damsel’s cheek and brushed her fingers through her hair. She leaned over to Ana’s ear, and in a goosebump-inducing voice, she whispered: “Shhhhh. You’re in good hands now, sweetie.”

Ana should have struggled more. Should have tried to somehow use the opportunity to break through. But for the moment, Ana’s mind was more than a little flustered. She just sat there like a dummy and stared back at the sparkling blonde beauty straddling her.

 Ana’s trance was shattered by the sounds of clattering plastic. The cat burglar had just dropped something on the table behind her. Stella spoke first. “Nice assortment! You have great tastes!”

 “I like to be prepared,” the cat burglar responded.

 Ana tried to twist around and see what they were up to. She prayed that they hadn’t discovered her wand. Without warning, Stella pulled Ana’s glasses off and interrupted her train of fearful thoughts.

 “Let’s start with that one. Just hold her head for me, please.”

 Ana squealed as the cat burglar grabbed her from behind and yanked her head back. Stella was handed something, but Ana couldn’t quite see what it was. Her curiosity was answered by the familiar caress of her blush brush against her cheek.

 Ana was bound and gagged in a chair, getting dolled up by a hot blonde straddling her. On any other day, she would be having a blast! Sadly, there was a burglar standing right behind her.

 Once, Stella was satisfied with Ana’s blush, she moved on to the eye shadow. Then, the lashes. All the while, she tried to chat with the cat burglar. Stella wanted to break the ice with her misidentified date, but all the cat burglar wanted was to avoid blowing her cover. The result was quite dull. Time after time, the cat burglar would dance around questions and change the subject. At times, it was impressive. At other times, it was downright painful. At one point, they were actually discussing the weather. Of course, Ana had other things to worry about besides their chemistry.

 “Just hold still now.” Stella focused on keeping her hand steady as she finished applying colour to Ana’s gagged lips. Her steady hand glided around the rubber ball with impressive grace. “Aaaaannd… done!”

 She lifted herself off of Ana’s lap, and her thighs sang with relief. Stella asked the cat burglar for a second opinion, but all she had to say was ‘cute’. The hostage situation turned photo shoot equivalent of ‘whatever’.

  Stella stared at the cat burglar for a second longer, as though expecting more than one word, before awkwardly moving on. “Well then, I think we’re ready for the photo shoot!”

Part 4: First Impressions

 Stella reached into her bag and pulled out a camera. She started it up and pointed to the cat burglar. “Alright, now strike a pose!”

 Even through her mask, the cat burglar’s face exemplified reluctance. “For real?”

 “Well yeah,” Stella said with noticeable irritation. “You’re the one who said you were interested in a bondage photo shoot. Now c’mon!”

 What followed, was the worst ten minutes of Ana’s life. The bitch who had broken into her home made pose aftter promiscuous pose around her bound body while her date immortalized it all in film. Ana was taunted, flaunted, fondled, teased, straddled, and even kissed on her gag. Stella loved Ana’s performance in particular, unaware of how authentic the spite in her eyes really was.

 Finally, Stella spoke up. “I think that’s enough of that.”

 Ana’s face lit up and she nodded vigorously. “Mm hm! Mm hmm!”

 “Let’s tie her in a different position!”

 Ana’s heart sank. “Nmmph!”

 Stella moved behind the chair and undid the knot that connected Ana’s hands and feet. She started picking at the knot at Ana’s wrists, but the cat burglar was quick to grab Stella’s hands and pull them away. “Wait! I kind of like her this way. Don’t you?”

 Stella raised an eyebrow. “Her elbows have been tied for over a half hour, I’m sure she’s dying to stretch them.”

 The cat burglar paused. She paused long enough that Ana got genuinely hopeful that her cover was blown. This was it!

 “She’s still having fun, though. She hasn’t said the safeword.”

 “Well, duh.” Stella rolled her eyes. “She’s gagged!”
 “I meant the safe-signal.”

 Stella made a quizzical face. “Okay, well what’s the safe-signal?”

 The cat burglar leaned in and whispered something into Stella’s ear. Ana tried her best to tune in, but she couldn’t make anything out. Stella cracked a smile and said, “Oooh, kinky!”

 Damnit! That sneaky latex bitch had weaselled her way out again. Ana growled into her gag and stared daggers at her captor.

 “Well, At the very least, I want to add a chest harness. Maybe change her gag too,” Stella said.

 “Oh?” The cat burglar perked up. “You have more bondage stuff?”

 “Oh yeah. Tons! It’s all in my bag.”

 Ana started panicking again. This was the opportunity the thief had been waiting for! The instant she got that bag, it was all over! Ana thrashed around more than ever, but Stella only responded with a smile. “Looks like she’s a glutton for more rope. Hold her for me.”

 They lifted Ana out of the chair. The cat burglar stood behind her and held her still while Stella pulled a bundle of rope out of her bag. The rope was a near perfect match to the ones Ana had been wearing for what felt like ages. Tired and sore, there was little Ana could do to resist as Stella got to work wrapping her breasts up. She moved around with a purpose, as though she knew exactly what she wanted. Within minutes, Ana’s breasts were cradled in a rope harness connected to her elbows.

 Stella stood back and admired her work before saying, “We ought to do the next shoot in another room.”

 The cat burglar was quick to react. “How about the dining room? I can move the stuff over for you.”

 “Awe, would you? That’d be great.” Stella shot a smile at the cat burglar as Ana shook her head frantically.


 “Oh, wait,” Stella said. She got something out of the bag, but Ana couldn’t see what it was. “Okay, now you can move the stuff. I’ll be right with you in a second.”

 Ana fought against her sore jaw and burning throat to make one last plea. Alas, it was every bit as gargled as all her previous attempts. Stella walked up to her, swaying her hips and hiding the mystery item behind her back.

 “Alone at last,” she whispered. “Sooo, just gonna throw this out there… You’re really cute.”

 Ana made a little squeal as Stella pulled herself close, letting her hand wander gently over Ana’s bound body. “I know I came here to meet Ana, but there’re just no sparks between us. She’s just so reticent and makes a horrible first impression. But at least she knows how to pick ‘em.”

  “Mmf?” Ana let out a moan as Stella pulled a leather collar from behind her back. It was made of two studded straps connected by a heart-shaped ring.

 Stella pressed herself up against Ana and fastened the collar around her neck. After it was secured, she kept her arms draped over Ana’s shoulders and whispered. “You’re everything I hoped she would be. Flexible, fun, beautiful, perfect gag lips, and an outstanding actress!”

 Stella reached into her bra and pulled out her phone. She held out the screen for Ana. “Can I get your number?”

 She already had it, but that didn’t stop Ana from springing into action. She twisted her body and bent her bound hands around to the touchscreen. She immediately pressed the ‘home’ button and went straight to the phone dial.


 She shot her finger towards the call button, but just as it made contact, the phone pulled away. It fell to the floor as Stella shot her arms up to try and pull the cat burglar’s arm off of her neck. “Ana?! What are you--Dgmmph!”

Part 5: The Fifth Part

 The cat burglar ground her teeth with exertion as she buckled Stella’s ring gag as tightly as her skull would allow. “I believe you kink freaks call this: switching.”

 Ana looked down at the phone on the floor. It was face down so she couldn’t tell if the call had gone through. Regardless, she fell to her knees and brought her mouth close to the microphone. It was her only hope.


Ana kept up her muffled cries for help before the cat burglar kicked her onto her side and away from the phone. She hit the floor with a hard thud and watched as the cat burglar snatched up the phone. The smirk on the cat burglar’s face as she turned off the phone made Ana’s stomach turn.

 Ana then turned her eyes to Stella and saw why she had been granted so much time to scream into the phone. Stella’s hands were tied behind her back with a sideways variant of the two-column tie. By the bulging flesh around the tight ropes, it was clear that she wasn’t breaking free any time soon.

 Stella tugged against her ropes to test them. There was barely enough slack for her to move her hands up and down. Were it not for the ring in her mouth, she would have frowned.

 Stella brandished her bound hands and mumbled something to the cat burglar. She clearly thought it was too tight, but the cat burglar didn’t even bat an eye. She just got more rope and seized Stella’s hands. “Shut the hell up. You and your weird photo op bullshit just set me back by at least an hour, and I’ve had enough!”

 Stella looked very confused as the cat burglar draped a rope over her neck. The ends of the rope were then pulled under her armpits, looped between her wrists, and then brought back up to the rope behind her neck. The cat burglar pulled on the rope, forcing Stella’s hands up. She pulled so hard that it nearly brought Stella’s hands into a reverse-prayer position. This brought about a gargled scream from the blonde, but no mercy was shown. From there, the cat burglar wrapped the rope above and below Stella’s breasts. She cinched the ropes and they dug into Stella’s arms, pinning them in place. Finally, the excess rope went around to Stella’s chest and connected the ropes around her shoulders, forming a rope triangle pointing down to her breasts. The whole harness turned out quite revealing.

 Ana had had her fair share of disdain for Stella and how gullibly she had fallen for the cat burglar's lies, but she forgot about all that rather quickly when she saw Stella beg for mercy. It was clear that she wasn't as flexible as Ana, and she didn't deserve torment like that.

 The cat burglar checked Stella’s bonds to make sure there was no slack. Now certain that the buxom blonde wouldn’t be breaking free anytime soon, she slapped Stella across the face and smirked at her wide-eyed prisoner.

“Well, this has certainly been the most interesting robbery I’ve pulled in a long time, but it’s gone on for quite long enough! You two freaks can just sit tight and stay out of my way from now on.”

 “Whmm? MMPH!” terror washed over Stella’s face. At long last, she knew the truth.

 She started to panic and struggle against her restraints, but it was no use. However, as the cat burglar had tied Stella up, Ana hadn’t remained idle. Shuffling along the floor until she was lined up with the cat burglar’s heeled feet, Ana wound up for a major blow. With a muffled grunt, Ana kicked the cat burglar’s legs out from under her. She fell next to Ana and hit the floor hard.

 Ana scrambled as fast as she could and plopped herself on top of the cat burglar. She didn’t really have a plan, but pinning her down was just about all she could do. The cat burglar rolled onto her back and shoved at Ana’s bound body. “Just learn when to quit, you dumb-- OOF!”
 She pulled her hands off of Ana and went on the defensive against Stella, who had begun assaulting her captor with kicks and stomps. After taking more than a few hits, the cat burglar managed to grab onto Stella’s foot and yank her down to the floor. But Stella still had just enough control to aim herself. Her butt crashed hard on top of the cat burglar’s ribs.

 She screamed and grabbed at Stella’s legs, trying to push her off. Stella resisted but that thief had some good arms on her. She gave Stella some hard shoves and managed to move her butt up onto her face. The cat burglar tried to kick her way out from under Stella, but Ana’s weight made that rather difficult. The cat burglar bucked and squirmed beneath her incessantly, and it was working. All Ana could do was try her best to stay on top of her.

 And that's when the cops showed up.

 Everyone froze as the door creaked open and a male police officer peered inside. “Hello? Is everything alright? We received a--“

 He stood there, as still as a statue, staring down at the woman clad in a skintight catsuit with a bound and gagged blonde sitting on her face, and an even more bound and gagged brunette laying across her waist.

 “Ahem. My apologies.”

 And then he shut the door and left.

 Ana nearly got mad enough to bite through the rubber ball in her mouth. Why couldn’t she just get one goddamned knight in shining armour?! The only silver lining was that now Stella knew exactly how Ana felt for the past hour.

 With her head swarming with frustration and outrage, the cat burglar’s next buck caught her off guard. Ana slid off, and the cat burglar was able to pull her head out from under Stella shortly thereafter.

 She scrambled away from the two girls and took a second to refill her lungs. She clutched at her ribs, wincing and cursing beneath her heavy breath. Shivers went down the bound girls’ spines when the recuperated cat burglar cast a vindictive glare down on them. She went straight for Stella’s bag and started rummaging…

Part 6: Return of the Hogtie (kind of)

 “NMM! PLHHF DHNT!” Stella shook her head and pleaded for mercy, but she received none whatsoever.

 The cat burglar planted her foot down on the table’s crossbar and pulled until the rope creaked. Ana’s legs bent as much as her skeleton would allow, and Stella’s crotchrope dug into her at the other end of the rope. The discomfort was real, but any struggling from either of them would only worsen the situation for the other. The cat burglar’s ropework was complete.

 And said ropework was quite remarkable.

 Stella now sported a collar of her own, and both girls wore crotchropes. After deciding that Ana could still move her hands too much, they had been tied separately to her crotchrope at the sides of her hips. Both girls had their legs tightly tied at the ankles, and on either side of the knees.

 That much rope rendered them fairly immobile, but what was really remarkable was how they were tied together. The cat burglar had flipped Ana’s table over, and laid them face-down on it, facing each other. A rope was tied to their collars and pulled tight, forcing their faces together. The round ball bulging from Ana’s mouth fit well into Stella’s ring gag.

 The table had crossbars connecting all of its legs. Both Ana and Stella had their rear ends lifted off the floor and their knees bent around said crossbars. That was hard enough on their legs, but the worst part was that each girl’s ankles were tied to the other one’s crotchrope. If they tried to squirm their bodies it would pull on their legs; and if they pulled on their legs, it would tug at their crotchrope there was no winning with this bondage.

 The cat burglar’s ropework may have been completed, but she wasn’t quite done with the bondage. The girls could still manage to turn their red faces away from each other. Things were bad enough for them already, but the cat burglar couldn’t even grant them that one little bit of freedom.

 Surprisingly, she started by removing Ana’s ball gag. Never before had she felt so much relief! It was so incredible that she found herself too distracted to yell. At least, for a few seconds. And that was all her captor needed. The cat burglar pried Ana’s jaws open and forced them over Stella’s open mouth.

 And that’s when Ana felt the tape stretching over her cheek.

 Over and over, the cat burglar wrapped the tape around their heads, pinning their mouths together and once again muzzling Ana’s voice. With each circuit around them, their voices would fade. Finally, after its ripping rang louder than either of the girls’ protests, the tape was cut.

 The cat burglar stood triumphantly over her captives and watched them squirm. “Alright, you two. I’ve got work to do now. If you’re both good girls, I might remember to send a tip about your predicament tomorrow. Maybe next week. We’ll see. But first, let’s see what you’ve got for me…”

   And then she left them to squirm against their ropes and mumble into their gags. They were like a pair of puppies whining about being in a kennel. Lots of whimpering, plenty of cuteness, and no hope of escape. All they did was provide background noise as Ana’s home was raided.

 After what felt like an aeon of exertion, Ana gave up. She was exhausted, and she hadn’t even managed to pull her lips away from Stella’s. The upside to his, if there was any to be found here, was that this whole encounter had brought them closer than Ana could have ever predicted. She could taste her date’s protests, see the different shades of green in her eyes, and reeaaalllly feel her every movement.

 They would both have a lot to worry about once they got free, but for now, they at least had good company.
How They Met
  Hey all! I normally share my writing on but FrayedKnotWasTaken was having a contest, so here I am!

  This story is my submission for her contest. It is a reimagining of how her and guardian38 first met. Creative liberties were taken (duh), and I hope they enjoy my lengthy read.




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