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I was reading a friends journal here on DA and saw an interesting thing. So i'm posting my version here for all to love and behold.

1) Using band names, spell out your name.

Dave clark five
Atomic kitten
New pornographers

2) Have you ever had a song written about you?

3) What song makes you cry?

Habanera from Carmen. something about Operatic music or classical makes the tears swell

4)what song makes you happy?

Numa Numa by Ozone, so upbeat and perky

5) What do you like to listen to before bed?

whatever comes on the cd player when i hit the random button

a p p e a r a n c e

HEIGHT: 6'2"

HAIR COLOR: dirty blondish

SKIN COLOR: kind of tanned

EYE COLOR: brown

PIERCINGS: none, can't stand sticking metal through body parts

TATTOOS: none as of yet, getting one on the next payday where there's no bills to pay off

r i g h t - n o w

WHAT COLOR PANTS ARE YOU WEARING?: Pants? the hell are those? i wear shorts or boxers as often as possible. my boxers are black with red hearts if you must know


My land- Sonata Arctica

Hawaiian pizza



a little tired and hungry

d o - y o u

sometimes, only on long car trips without stopping for a strech every few hours.

I'll pick any stray hairs after i shave(okay, IF i shave) until both sides of my face are perfectly even

most of the time i do, but i have my disagreements with them like anyone else does.

fa v o r i t e s

TV SHOW: CSI and those kinds of shows that can make me think a bit while i watch it.

MAGAZINE: don't read them, have better things to waste time on

SODA: PEPSI!!!!!!!

THING TO DO ON THE WEEKEND: i work every weekend.

h a v e - y o u

BROKEN THE LAW: yup, many times to date and i don't plan on stopping anytime soon. but it's only little things, i haven't killed anyone

RAN AWAY FROM HOME: once, made it all the way down the street before dad caught me and brought me home

SNUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE: tons of times, i live on the ground floor at the back of the house.

EVER GONE SKINNY DIPPING: one time, but only on a dare in the middle of march to see how cold it was in the water, won 20 bucks doing it

MADE A PRANK PHONE CALL: nah, those are for amatuers


SKIPPED SCHOOL BEFORE: yea, half a semester of english lit, still got an 89 in the end

FELL ASLEEP IN THE SHOWER/BATH: all the time, a nice warm shower can knock me out anytime of the day.

BEEN IN A SCHOOL PLAY: nope, i was in the scenery

LET A FRIEND CRY ON YOUR SHOULDER: my shoulders are like sponges, everone cries on them.

EVER HAD A MAJOR REGRET: only a few regrets, but none i'll admit on here.

l o v e

BOYFRIEND: nope, not gay.

GIRLFRIEND: not now. things were too hectic so we broke up. oh well, shit happens eh?

CHILDREN: I prefer mine deep fried and served along with a cheeseburger.

BEEN IN LOVE?: once, and the pain i feel daily from the loss of it reminds me to be careful when falling in love.


BEEN HURT?: many times over.

YOUR GREATEST REGRET? that i never went after someone who was almost perfect for me( you know who you are)

GONE OUT WITH A SOMEONE YOU ONLY KNEW FOR 3 DAYS: nope, i prefer to know a person for at least a month or two before i decide something like that

r a n d o m

DO YOU HAVE A JOB: aye, that i do

YOUR CD PLAYER HAS IN IT RIGHT NOW: 5 different mixed disks of random songs


WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?: Reading long books, listening to music, playing everquest, stareing blissfully off into space, daydreaming, drawing, writing and driving around in circles in a friends car to kill time

WHO MAKES YOU THE HAPPIEST?: there's a lot of people that make me happy, and a few that make me the happiest.
Well, I was laid off from my job friday so now i'm un-employed again. but it won't last long. On a scary note, my lil bro has joined DA and can now harass me on this website, so i'll apologize now if ever i'm yelling at him for anything he does on here.
OKay, i thought for the longest time that cats and dogs had different thing they did. cats slept all day and dosg played fetch. simple and effective right? WRONGO!

I have an 8 months old kitten that does all the cat things and some dog things. I'll be sitting at the computer late at night and he'll bring in a bath poof(that thing you put the liquid soap on) and he'll meow at me until i throw it. Then he runs down the hall, grabs it and brings it back to me, puts it on my lap and waits for me to throw it again.

This'll go on until i go to bed or he has to poop, though usually i fall asleep first.

Just thought i'd share that wonderful tidbit of info with ya'll.
Well today was full of new insight into life. was doing my normal things during the morning. I always have the house to myself on wednesdays and thrusday mornings, so i take the liberty of not dressing at all those days. There's just something relaxing about parading around all day without the confines of pants. it gets a lot better when you can dance around like a nut to your fave music.

However, the door to door bible thumpers that ALWAYS show up in the middle of my crazy dancing almost enjoy bothering me. I've come to the door about 20 times or so in my boxers, sometimes even with a towel round my waist. and they don't understand that i'm Atheist and don't care about Jebus or those guys.

If anyone that reads this is one of those ppl, screw off and leave me to my dancing.
Well, i've learned a great lesson in the last 24 hours. being hit by a ford tempo hurts like hell. I was out riding my bike and a lady pulled out to turn onto the highway without watching and ended up smashing into me and throwing me about 4 feet from my bike. I mean, i'm not broken or anything, but i need to see a doctor so i can find out if there's anything i can do legally to this person(for example, settle with the insurance company for a tidy few million)

The one thing that really stands out in my mind is that had i been hit by a GOOD car, for example a chevy or anything but a ford, i'd prolly be in the hospital and i hate hospitals.
Well, thanks to my lovely friend Okori, I have a scanner now so I can actually put up pics. As opposed to trying to draw em freehand in paint, granted, some people might like pics of stick figures who look like a truck hit them.......maybe I'll upload one of those......
I was trying to scan some of my pics to upload, when lo and behold. i remembered i have no USB cable for my scanner anymore. So instead i've been trying to use my webcam to take snapshots and use a photo program to clean them up, but it takes for bloody ever! So i'm gonna head out today and attempt to find a cable to fit the dammed scanner so uploading doesn't take 4 years a pic.
Oi vey, it's definately been one of those days. But i look on the upside, it's the weekend and i still have my health*coughs* awww crap. so much for having my health.

Well, i haven't been doing much lately. mostly i sit around and play Everquest all day or walk around town looking for a new job.
Been working all day so I haven't had time to relax yet. All I have been able to do is keep working on a fan fic for a friend of mine and it's turning out fairly good. nothing like writing smut to help cheer a guy up huh?
can you guess how i feel right now? my comp has been down almost all day and i haven't been able to leave the house because i have relatives coming over later, therefore, someone(always me) has to clean the house up. it's not so bad sometimes, but at least i got to dance around the house in my boxers all day(always a plesent thing to do). My neighbors don't enjoy it though, something about a 20 year old guy dancing out to the garabage cans in his underwear seems to rub them the wrong way.
Well, is my first entry in this thing. So there isn't much to say really.