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f2u Potato Esk TWWM decoration by taking-ctrl


F2U - Star Divider by vvhiskers

Lvl9 by Esk-Masterlist

 Player level: 9
Nature Spirit
small AP icon by Esk-Masterlist Aura Points: 7000+
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F2U - Star Divider by vvhiskers

First-time-owners can unlock the nursery
Eligible for Monthly Features
 Unlock Uncommon Traits in the Energy Exchange
Unlock Nature Features in the Energy Exchange
Unlock Story MYOs
Unlock Accessories in the Energy Exchange
Unlock one Transformation
Unlock Familiars in the Energy Exchange
 Unlock rare traits and enchantments in the Energy Exchange
- Unlock Mutations and Elementals in the Energy Exchange
- Unlock one Transformation (+1 MYO slot)
- Unlock Abnormal Transformations
- Unlock 1 Transformation (+1 MYO slot)
- Unlock 1 additional Transformation MYO for every additional 1000AP earned

F2U - Star Divider by vvhiskers


6000 AP transformation MYO slot
7000 AP transformation MYO slot
4 vouchers redeemable for items from the Prompts Vouchers prize pool [proof]
1 event completion prize redeemable for one item from the Event Completion Prize Pool [proof]

HEART by 8-BitSpider
Wellspring Wishes

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   3189 by Shelybear  3250 by Shelybear  3302 by Shelybear

HEART by 8-BitSpider


  Wintertime by Shelybear  

Esktober04: Peace by Shelybear

  TWWM-Esktober: 06 Warmth and 07 Change by Shelybear

TWWM-Esktober: 04 Rain and 05 Quiet by Shelybear

TWWM-Run in circle (Esk 208 and 1424) by Shelybear

Points Log on Google

F2U - Star Divider by vvhiskers



  MountainBiomeCompletionBadgebyFiachmara by Esk-Masterlist  MoutainBiomeEventBadgebyKaijuRomance by Esk-Masterlist  Autumn Lights Event Completion Badge by Esk-Masterlist  Autumn Lights Participation Badge by Esk-Masterlist
Creator Achievement Badge by Esk-Masterlist  Featured Character Badge by Esk-Masterlist

Divider by MykalaBlue


WoodenFigurebyNorree by Esk-Masterlist
YakBellbyKaijuRomance by Esk-Masterlist
ClayPotbyCaliki by Esk-Masterlist
Walking Stick Condesned 3 by vlpn
Wobble plant by Esk-Masterlist  Forest friend by Esk-Masterlist  Rose cupcake by Esk-Masterlist   Curious friend by Esk-Masterlist  Lazy Friend by Esk-Masterlist  Amber by Esk-Masterlist  Magic potato by Esk-Masterlist

Bound journal by Esk-Masterlist

Terrarium by Esk-Masterlist

Spring Water by Esk-Masterlist  Old Tarot Card by Esk-Masterlist

    Aurora Vessel by Esk-Masterlist  Pocket City by Esk-Masterlist  Sand Specimen by Esk-Masterlist  Apex Flask by Esk-Masterlist  Vial of Eyes by Esk-Masterlist

Quartz carving by Esk-Masterlist  Snail by witherlings

- Event Treasures -

Wrinkled Ticket by Esk-Masterlist Wormy Apple by Esk-Masterlist Broken Compass by Esk-Masterlist Sweets Wrapper by Esk-Masterlist Sprouting Pumpkin Seed by Esk-Masterlist
Teddy Bear by Esk-Masterlist Cobwebbed Key by Esk-Masterlist Sparkler by Esk-Masterlist
Autumn Lights

F2U - Star Divider by vvhiskers


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I drew one of your esks without asking, I hope you don't mind?

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of course I don't mind!!! thank you very much <3