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I haven't posted a journal since what August of last year holy carp. On that note I haven't put any deviations since last October...

I PROMISE I'M NOT DEAD. xD I've got a lot to catch up on though. One year can do interesting things to a person.

So, hmm... where to begin... Well, I haven't been on much due to school-like stuff, for one thing. I'm taking the hardest classes our school offers (not really that bad) plus some online college classes (again not that bad) but WHY MUST THEY HAVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK okay that's a bad question but still. Other than school I've still been workin' on improving my Japanese skills. My family and I went down to Florida for 10 days and I talked to some of the Japanese people that were working in the Japan area of Epcot. Needless to say my trip was made. I just wish I would have made up my mind and bought something because there was a lot of Hello Kitty, Zelda, and other stuff that makes my Japanese senses "tingle." (Ahahah Tingle get the pun no okay...) But now that school's started back up again Japanese has really been taking a backseat, even though I sincerely wish this wasn't the case. Looking at my tabs on Firefox right now, though, and most of them are in Japanese... xDD What a fun language to learn though, seriously. I really want to buy more books/manga/video games in Japanese. I'd especially like to get at least one of the new Pokemon games in Japanese, but I need a Japanese 3DS to do so. ;-; STUPID REGION LOCKING. On a side note one of my younger brothers and I are planning on teaming up and buying a PS3 together when they get really cheap so I can get Okami HD in Japanese. Ohohoho take that Nintendo. >D Other than ever so slightly playing Pokemon White 2 (Japanese) every so often, I still play a little AC:WW everyday. Recently one of my original villagers from when I started the game 5 years ago left. I cried a little. Okay, I cried a more than one is supposed to cry about a pixelated little villager... But I still have one "original" villager left, so that's pretty cool. C:

Now you're probably asking "Sheltie double-yuu tee eff have you even been drawing this past year?" The answer is yes, but very little. I basically do enough drawing to complete my 5 drawings a school quarter for Art class, and that's all. (I just handed in my first five drawings yesterday!) My tablet at this point is nothing more than a dust collector, but I do really really want to create new icons for dA/twitter/Facebook/other sites. Not that I don't love my icon that I got from Luckeh on here, I just feel like it's time for something new. So yeah I really want to try and do more stuff on here but I really don't know when or even how that's going to happen.

Oh, and for those who don't know, two weeks ago, very near the area I live in, there were many late-season tornadoes that caused immense damage to the surrounding area. Some of the tornadoes were as big as an EF4.  The damage was so close to home that it could very nearly have been my family having to pick up parts of their roof and tin grain bins from the corn and bean fields. Thankfully no deaths have been reported that were related to the tornadoes, but I just hope you keep this little area of the US in mind.
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United States
Woah this thing was really old...

Well, anyway, I'm Sheltie, also known as Nellie, Rabid Sheltie, Shelteheheh, Shelite, Shelts, and... Dusknoir, apparently? xD

I'm a high-school student who's obsessed with the Japanese language (okay, that's a lie... I'm obsessed with language in general). I also love to draw, write, and observe others' art. (Why else would I be here...?) My favorite video game series are The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Okami. My favorite bands are SID (シド) and THE KIDDIE. I also like My Chemical Romance, Boston, and Bon Jovi, but since I've been focusing on becoming good at Japanese, I've switched to Japanese-music only. I also like instrumental and video game music. I just like music in general; I don't try to discriminate based on what "genre" of music it is. I'm the kind of person who's perfectly content on having a nice piano cover of the Wind Waker ocean theme right next to some heavy piece of music. xD Where am I even going with this. xDD

I use a Wacom Intuos4 tablet and GIMP 2.6 for my digital work. For traditional work, it's usually just pencils, paper, and whatever else I can get my hands on.

I like random comments/faves/notes, too. *hintnudge*


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Haven't talked to you for so long because of so much work and stuff to do D: OTL. Buuuuut at least Christmas is coming up ahah. x3 Also what shall we do about the ACC PT? I kinda don't go on ACC as much as I used to anymore, and I guessed you probably don't either, so shall we relocate it elsewhere or-?
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