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Vinyl Scratch
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That was a very messy .psd file.

Vinyl Scratch from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Credit to notsoclassy [link] , for the Original picture.
[link] Thanks for letting me use it at a guide, I changed the colors to match her in the show.

Thank you Nsaiuvqart.

Edit: Fixed the leg, and horn.
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Comments (67)
Metalknightrider's avatar
Metalknightrider|Hobbyist Photographer
So cute
best pony
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will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain u will see a little dead girl in your room
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Crazyaniknowit's avatar
Crazyaniknowit|Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, would you mind if I did a "screenshot redraw" of this vector? It'd be like this:
Pinkie Spie (Screenshot Redraw) by Crazyaniknowit
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Doraloveu's avatar
Doraloveu|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
omgggg she is so cuteeeeHuggle! 
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BEB-Artz's avatar
BEB-Artz|Student General Artist
love the hair
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OctyxVinylEQBest's avatar
OctyxVinylEQBest|Student Traditional Artist
love the look she has in this one very good and the art style is very well done as well :happybounce: 
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Senaris's avatar
Senaris|Hobbyist General Artist
dat hair♥
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DarthWill3's avatar
DarthWill3|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You make her look cute!
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kaka55553's avatar
kaka55553|Student Artist
I will stop trying to be better at drawing when I can draw like this.
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DerpyIsTheBestestttt's avatar
DerpyIsTheBestestttt|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ever since I saw this picture,
I loved it.
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ShimaFox's avatar
ShimaFox|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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CastoroChiaro's avatar
CastoroChiaro|Hobbyist General Artist
:iconkirathesavor: already took this and recolored it, without waiting to see if it was okay and did not give credit. Thought you should know, since she commented on it.
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KiraTheSavor's avatar
KiraTheSavor|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love it. Love everything about...might borrow it for AltoClef lolz (i'll give you credit too)
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Al3xGuerra's avatar
Al3xGuerra|Hobbyist General Artist
That one line on the nose looks wrong/upside down

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dragonfire341's avatar
dragonfire341|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
shes like

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HeroineOfWolves's avatar
HeroineOfWolves|Hobbyist General Artist
Awww so cute! :)
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TaigaLife's avatar
TaigaLife|Hobbyist Digital Artist
used: [link]
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Meowmeowmeow21's avatar
Vinyl lost her glasses in the rain...
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Kaltiaem's avatar
Kaltiaem|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Someone stole her goggles and headphones
Quite obviously why she looks so upset
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aman692's avatar
aman692|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Used [link]
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puppypixel's avatar
puppypixel|Student General Artist
Thats what i look like in the mornings.
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