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Octavia's Creed

Octavia from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Original picture done by :iconkloudmutt:.
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Now the queston is...
Can these bowStrings shoot arrows out of them?
And if not,are they deadly in any way?
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If you've ever seen a Cello bow you would know that the tips of the bow are more blunt than what Tavi is using
she's sharpened her bow to the point of being able to kill someone, a very interesting type of weapon.

and even more lethal is the fact that if she were to rosin the bow and get some of that inside a wound, theres a high possibility of disease 

or she could harvest poisonous tree sap and turn that into rosin and well you can guess the rest
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Thank you,thats very interesting
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Amazing idea and good work on this!

It surprise me to see guys watch Sailor Moon, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Lucky Star, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Powerpuff Girls, Hamtaro.

Also seeing older people still play Mario.

Octavia rocks! For the Creed!

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Can  I use I can color it, and make eyes, and stuff? Like line art.
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Yay ! Brilliant idea !
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I would like to use this for a game cover can I use this?
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thanks I think youll like how it looks [link] so cool!
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she gonna play a b***h
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Why did you disable comments I liked your pic you took an awesome pic and added to it.
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These Octavia Assassin pictures are always amazing, whoever started doing these is genius.
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Hahahahaha cool :D
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she's so AWESOME!!!
oh, and you too xD
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That's funny that you made that, check this out: [link]
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OMG. That's just perfect <33
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I LOVE YOU. i mean ummm :blush:
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LOL Oh my gosh, that's amazing. Truly amazing.:heart: xD
I second Dark's statement! Especially after Dash's Assassin's Creed reference in the show! ;3
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HA! Great idea ^-^
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