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Music Pone

By Shelmo69
Vinyl Scratch from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Original image by Darth-franny. :icondarth-franny:

I heard some crazy people telling me her eyes are not red. I'm not sure what they were talking about. :3
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What is Wub Wub, seriously.  I see it all over Vinyl's photo's.
xX-VinylScratch-Xx's avatar
aww so cute...  i think the eye thing can come to a close because i found out what her eye color is its a mix between red and purple ;3 tell me  if i'm wrong if you watched EG when rarity took off Vinyl shades when they were singing their song you could clearly see her eyes were not red  oh and the episode Canterlot wedding part 2 when she was at her DJ Stand she took off her shades and i took a closer look and  I  didn't see and form of  red at all soooo yeeaahh. Sorry if i put to much pressure on the issue.  

Oh do you mind if use this as a base :3
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I love Vinyl.... my favorite background pony =D
fluttershyisawsome's avatar
really i thought her eyes were the colrs of her glasses
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is it okay if i put my slightly changed one for hearts and hooves day up on here? :)
Protip: With PNG it's OK to enable compression. The compression is lossless, it won't add artifacts like JPG does. This compresses without loss of quality to less than 1 MB instead of being 68 MB (the uncompressed ARGB*pixels size)

see: [link]
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Not sure why I set it to that, thanks for pointing it out.
robertjpugh2011's avatar
whos a cute little poney? Yes you are. You are a cute little poney. (from my little poney.)

Opps i think i confused it.
JoseManuelSalas's avatar
Vinyl Scratch eats discs xD
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Do you allow me to use your draw for a website project ?
Shelmo69's avatar
Yep, go for it.
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Omg i love this so much!
BlackCatXel's avatar
I love her "Dafuk?" expression XD
W0nderbolts's avatar

and coolmao0970 we should burn YOU with fire
Shelmo69's avatar
Naw, its fine, hes a personal friend.
W0nderbolts's avatar
oh, "oops my bad"
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Coolmako0970's avatar
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Street Fighter still sucks.
VinylScratchMLPFiM's avatar
My eyes are red.... Dammit.
einsUNDcolt's avatar
It's so cute /)^3^(\
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