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By ShelltoonTV
She's an evil enchantress
She does evil dances
And if you look deep in her eyes
She'll put you in trances
Then what will she do?
She'll mix up an evil brew
And she'll gobble you up
In a big tasty stew

This vector would make a great color guide for anypony who wants to draw Zecora with accurate colors.
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Zecora is a zebra and she is very wise and speaks in rhymes.:love: 
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You´re wrong!Zecora is good and cool! :nod:  I like her a lot!  :thumbsup: 
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I always wonder why she always speaks in rhyme.
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May I make this a base?
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Gold: OH MY GOD THIS PICTURE HAS GOLD IN IT! I am claiming this picture for my golden campaign so that I may win in 2016. Gold gold gold gold gold gold gold!
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Thanks, I'm looking at this while trying to modify Zebra sprites for MLP Dwarf Fortress mod (My Little Fortress) to have more variety. 

I think a Zebra CM is called a Glyph and serves a similar purpose. 

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I never understood what was that thing on her flank.
Do Zebras get Cuite Marks as well, or is it a tribal tattoo?
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Can i please edit this picture of yours please
If you do you have to give me permission to use this picture
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The vectoring was quite well done.
Zecora's appearances always precede fun.
Her stripes are quite a sight to behold;
Quite indicative without being too bold.
This picture presents Zecora quite well.
This would with my Favourites quite meld.
(Although, if I am to be frank,
I think that my rhyming quite stank.)
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I'm making a plushie of her...
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AWESOME. Thanks for making this. its helping make a Pony Creator Zecora. :D
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Thank you for doing this! I needed your picture to make this [link] for colors and stripe placement. Thank you!
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Thanks for this piece of art! I'll use those colors for mah next fanart ^3^
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My god I love her.
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Amazing!! I'll use this as a reference for my upcoming Zecora Vector :D
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but she is a brewer,
not an evil stewer,
as many people belive her to be,
zecora helps in all ways so ponies see,
that they need to listen to her or troble will come,
and so this i true, as she plays her drum.

and your like: :iconcoolstorybroplz:
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Her legs are shoooo kyoot! <3
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Zecora is one of my favorite characters on MLP: FIM, probably because she talks in rhyme. :)
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