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The Wonderbolts

Hey, remember that Wonderbolts poster we got a glimpse of in the first episode for a brief moment? Well, I can't believe it took me this long to vector it. There's a severe lack of fanart for the Bolts, so it'd be nice to at least have something. Heck, you can download this thing in its huge glory for a giant poster!
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I love every episode the WB are featured in.
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hi, im doing a game of mlp, can i use this? :) ill give you credits
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May I use this, please?
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What program were you using?
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Little does rainbow dash know," General Firefly" is her ancestor
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Heh. Just how long they'll last....
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Can I use this for an illustration in a piece of literature I'm posting? I will credit you.
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They sell this as a poster now on redbubble 
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Do you think I could use this as a group picture maybe? the groups called WonderboltAcademy101
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Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I used this as the background for a cosplay photo.
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I really appreciate this allot, absolutely love this, there's like a whole bunch of stuff I'd like to do like this just no time, so keep it up
I love this!

I want to print it as a poster.

Wonderbolts are awesome!
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Hey, just thought I'd let you know I used this in a comic of mine: [link]

I'll take it down if you don't want it there, no hard feelings ;)
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This Is So Awesome!
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Perfect vector tracing!
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Very cool!! It's a very amazing work
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I actually have this as my iPod case. But it kinda irks me that they dont have front legs because the look like birds. But then again it would have looked weird if they DID have legs :/ Anyway great vector!
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Hey I absolutely love this! I'm working on Rainbow Dash cosplay right now, and I want the shirt to be a Wonderbolts shirt. Would it be cool with you if I used this on my shirt? :)
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