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Rarity's Dress for Applejack

By ShelltoonTV
Here's Applejack's dress! Now why she only has boots for her front legs I don't know... it's kind of silly when you think about it.
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it confuses my friend when they do that cuz aren't the front legs like their hands...mmm...oh well.
Eep! This is very, very cute! :love: Gotta' love Applejack.

Very good job on Applejack, man! Very good job!
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.........Applejack cleavage........ >.<
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For the past 3 days at school, that has been stuck in my head. Throughout this whole entire weekend, still there. Now, still in my head & oddly, enjoying her being there.
Nekhara's avatar
This is awesome! :D Applejack is adorable in this outfit :D
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I LOVE applejack's pose; she's so kickass.
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I felt so bad for Rarity in that episode! She worked so hard on their dresses and then got shot down so she never had time to work on her own!
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I noticed that too, but with Rarity's slippers. It'd make more sense to me to have them on the back legs than the front legs, since they kinda double as hands sometimes.
TheWeasel027's avatar
I kinda thought they were supposed to be "gloves". Though I think whether on back, front, or all, they'd still look kinda silly. Boots on hooves. Strange when you think about it.
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I can only guess the slippers are on the front legs because the flank is covered by all the dresses. It's very silly looking all the same.
Theixwynart's avatar
I suppose D: but I agree, I think it would look better either on all the feet, or on just the back ones.
Shellsweet's avatar
Well if they had the boots/slippers whatever the case may be, in the back legs, then you wouldn't be able to see them as well because of the 'dress' covering the back.

So, It makes sense for them to put them in the front so you can see them better.
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did you draw this!? cause it is super good!!! love it <3

love my little pony friendship is magic also <3
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It's more of a cowboy outfit. XD I like it.
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