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Rainbow Dash at the Gala

By ShelltoonTV
Fifth in a set of six!

In the home stretch with these wallpapers, and it's been hectic! This may have looked easy, but those darn sandals are a tough thing to do that I had to CHEAT by using the Adjust Brightness and Contrast tool! I'm a dirty, cheating vector pony!
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© 2011 - 2021 ShelltoonTV
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Been dream in' I've been waiting to fly with those brave ponies...
Sorry, I just had to.
AnonymousAura's avatar
Is it okay if I use this as the background for a youtube video?
Fifth--Element's avatar
Just what I was looking for!
rubythecat123's avatar
can i use this to edit and as a icon
sirtophatte's avatar
This is great, I noticed after a while though that the back wing should be farther to the left and her other back leg should be visible, or am I wrong?
Sad-Senpai's avatar
I hope you dont mind, but I used your picture in a tribute to Rainbow Dash. If you dont want it in the video, or you want credit, just let me know.^^ Video--> [link]
Paradigm-Zero's avatar
Requesting for a Vector Render PNG of Rainbow Dash. :iconrainbowdashplz:
eligeti's avatar
She's looks really pretty atleast for once! for not being a tomboyish lol
AdosindaGirl's avatar

I instantly thought of that :P Too many of those memes whack the noodle.
dancinninjac's avatar
Yeah Rainbow Dash! Looking determined and ready to be awesome!
BB-K's avatar
Nice job, particularly the background, nice texture and paintbrush lining. :)
pinkiepie20's avatar
I love this part is just makes Rainbow Dash look 20% more epic
SmittyG's avatar
Yep, most anticipated vector! Cheers Shelltoon.
VampireNerd13's avatar
Aww, you're hard work aid off :D She looks so pretty ^_^
XUnlimited's avatar
She looks like a Greek goddess
RaptorCee's avatar
gotta love that outfit
dvyjones's avatar
I love Rainbow Dash! Great job Sheltoon! Also, congratulations on the premium membership. You deserve it!
AtomicGreymon's avatar
Ah, this is the one I was most anticipating. Rainbow is awesome; and that outfit is great.
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