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Photo Finish

By ShelltoonTV
I have vectored... DE MAGIKS!

I love Photo Finish's design, as well as her background music, even if that got tedious after a while. The one thing I dislike about her is obviously her personality. She failed to recognize Rarity's hard work.

I was hoping to make it a TF2 spray but I was busy napping and didn't finish it in time for a session to use it. Oh well, there's still tomorrow!
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Just letting you know I used this as a background kind of thing in my MLP Color Guide. I hope you don't mind.

Of course I've given you credit and linked back to here. Thanks for making such a great vector! :)
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i am lady gaga...i mean photo finish xD
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could you do her assistants
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its me or hasbro based this character in lady gaga's appareance in pokerface song?
She look like lady gaga
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Does anypony agree that Photo Finish reminds you of Lady Gaga?
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Photo Finish: Goodbye! *fsush*

*is at home* Photo Finish: Ugh! Finnaly i can take off this stupid costume and wigs!

*takes stuff of* What?! Photo Finish is evolving! Photo finish evolved to Rainbow Dash!
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Maybe she was related to RD but she died her hair so much to look like her family member(s) that she it bleached white?

o3o Just an idea
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:D She may also be Lady Gaga.
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Funny thing, she was in no way based on Lady Gaga
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Yes,and she is not like lady gaga too,she looks like Lady Gaga :D
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I'm always wondering why does she look like Lady Gaga.....
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to me, she looks like lady gaga in mlp form XD
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