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MLP User Icons Vol. 1

By ShelltoonTV
Download link is here: [link]


This is the first volume of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic user icons for use as avatars in forums, facebook, Steam, and other various places that use avatars!


Why is the resolution 4000x4000?
In order to ensure the finest quality with these icons, they were vector traced at 4000x4000 to get the best possible detail.

How can I use a 4000x4000 trace for an avatar on a forum that limits me to 100x100?
Open the image in your favorite paint program, and resize it to your needs.

Why are they on a transparent background?
This is in case you wanted to add your own background to the image.

Will there be more of these icons?
Definitely. Future sets will focus on things like minor characters and background ponies, as well as collections for the main cast.

When will they be done?
They'll be done when I generally feel like it. Remember, this is all for fun. Pestering me to make more will not help.

Will <insert character name here> have a collection?
It depends. If a character has enough screen time to warrant multiple icons, they will get a collection of their own.
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© 2011 - 2021 ShelltoonTV
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Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash (idea evil) plz Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote :heart: rvmp :heart: rvmp :heart: rvmp 
IS the worst character
cartoons-are-me's avatar
I'm using Spike, if it's alright with you.
midnightstrike1's avatar
can i use twilight?
anxiousanongirl's avatar
These are SO cute! 
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Why are all these icons upside down???
Paultrol's avatar
I know this is a year ago but your icon is exactly like that!! XD
Rainbowdashfan84's avatar
Is It Ok If I Used The Spike One As My Skype (And Other IM) Avatar?
I Will Credit You Were I Can (Ex. My Website , On Site Profiles Like DeviantART)
Eevee-Adopt-Mart's avatar
darknessthehedgehog3's avatar
may i use the rainbow dash one for my youtube
xxHeyTardxx's avatar
I'm using the Rarity icon! :iconraritylaplz:
dazzle1026's avatar
can I use dash?
KennebunkPerry's avatar
awww i love apple jack
AreliCruz's avatar
¿puedo usar uno?
Pandpuffs's avatar
Oh Em Gee, I love Rarity's face! x3
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no zip download... just a 600x800 .png link...
KennyGJE's avatar
Vidia-Flamebreath's avatar
Can I use the derpy one for a "Save Derpy" Avatar?
Jacko247's avatar
These look AWESOME!! In fact, I'm using one right now. :XD:
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Cute *_* can I use ?
shansmurf12's avatar
Yayyy!!! Its got my little spike on!! Lol!! I love him soo much!!!
xXFadingAngelXx's avatar
I can't re-size them without cutting off the picture
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