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Fluttershy at the Gala

By ShelltoonTV
Second in a set of six!

After messing with a bunch of filters, I have finally found a satisfactory setting for the pencily look in the background. I think the colors in the background work very well for Flootershy, don't you?
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As soon as the page loaded I hit the fave button so hard I nearly broke it =P (Razz) 
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i cant find pinkie pie's 
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Would you mind if I use this as the background image for my Fluttershy audition? It's very cute! ^^
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i love it! she's cute
Bry-Guy's avatar
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wow great background and fluttershy
Skiebear's avatar
This is so adorable! New Desktop Background :D
kamokirby's avatar
I love this!! So beautiful and cute. My new desktop background. :D
SaraPooox3's avatar
i wish there was a way to download all the pictures from a deviantart acc i would download all the wallpapers c:
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Too bad her night didn't go as planned but I loved when she went crazy
SupremeInferno's avatar
...before she went full on psycho!
Very very cute! I'm going to use this as my desktop background ^_^.
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She started out so cute that episode :icondashlolplz: then she had a queen of blades moment :iconqueenofbladesplz: :iconfluttershylovemeplz:
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nice picture. i like it.:hug::D
Tails-V3's avatar
At the Gala~ At the Gala~ She will start to lose her cool!
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(Please do AJ next,please do AJ next,please do AJ next) :D
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Thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you!
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