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Evil is Beautiful

By ShelltoonTV
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Chryssy looks so beautiful! Hey, if you're going to be an evil queen, you should look beautiful whilst committing evil deeds. Wouldn't you agree? First time I've drawn Queen Chrysalis too.
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Evil is beautiful, no denying that!
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this is why evil > good in the show

friendship is NOT magic
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she is more than beautiful. she is so damn sexy X3
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She is very o so beautiful the little rosy cheek and the eyes, could get lost in them 
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Chrysalis, so beautiful♥ and cool as always.

A drawing with a HD quality XD.
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Damn that's cute.
I always love it when artists make her fangs prevalent. They are my favorite aspect of her design.
Perteks's avatar
Overall great, only eyebrow(s?) are little out of place. I mean they are much to big dunno if they are even needed.
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Gorgeous job! I love how you can see her bottom lip through her fangs! ^^ Excellent coloring, love the tiara!
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she looks good the way she is, and she shouldn't have to turn into Cadence to do so.
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Beautiful rendering! I love her smile and her hair! 
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Indeed she does look beautiful :love:


Very, very nice work :D

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