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Did I Get My Cutie Mark?

Nope, still blank.

I believe this is the billionth time I've changed the colors I've used for Applebloom. These colors are about as official as I could get. I grabbed them off of the Bridle Gossip story gallery. It would be nice if Hasbro would hurry up and put out the rest of the story galleries so I could get official colors for more ponies.

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I like how it doesn't lead anywhere.
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Person who requested the pic wanted it to be removed.
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Understandable, have a nice day.
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can i say one thing Applebloom is the cutest pony EVERAwww 
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im being true i aint lying
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"Official" colours for Applebloom (taken from [link] 's "More Info" table):
Eyes: (HEX) F1A313 / | \ (RGB) 241, 163, 19
Mane (hair): (HEX) EB3352 / | \ (RGB) 235, 51, 82
Coat (body): (HEX) F5F498 / | \ (RGB) 245, 244, 152
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I am doing a pony-zodiac project and I wanted to ask , If I maybe could use ur vector for this ?
(with credits of course)
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hello shelltoontv i was wondering if i could get permission to use your vector for a contest im entering
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thats when i call: Cutie mark fail
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awww so cute great work
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Her cutie mark will be something with apples and craftwork!
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Aww, my favourite of the CMCs done very well
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Awwww. Keep trying Apple Bloom. You'll get it someday! And you're just so cute.

(She's so happy and hopeful!)
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That's the thing about the cutie mark crusaders. No matter how much they fail, they'll never give up their quest for those butt stamps. Determination!
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And that's why we love 'em!
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Scoot, Scootalooooo!
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