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A Rare Gem

By ShelltoonTV
Just felt like drawing a bust shot of Rarity with some lipstick on, because why not? I already draw my ponies as having lips, so eh? I decided to stick with a blue lipstick because I think it goes well with the overall color scheme presented here. 
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Oooh she looks so beautiful.. the blue lipstick definitely adds a touch of elegance, and actually today after seeing a great art with red lipstick on Raarity, then the same art with plain white lips on Raarity.. I think if she were to use lipstick blue, or perhaps purple, would be the only two choices.. ^_^ Fantastic job on the mane too!
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This is awesome.
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She looks lovely with blue lipstick :)
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Looks amazing! :D
Awesome drawing! :iconrarityclapplz:
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Ah the best of the Mane 6 done right.
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Love her lipstick ^_^
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This is lovely!
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Reminds me of :iconskyline19:'s work. ^^

I love it! :iconraritylaplz:

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Reallllyyyyy? =D
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Ya rly! It's them lips! :iconraritysmile2plz: And general style of course. And now I know I watch two people that draw them! :iconrarityknowsplz: Makes me wonder if I should try it with plush. :iconraritylikes-plz:
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Shiny blue lipstick? It could happen. It fits with her eyeshadow (which I, honestly, find fitting and good-looking on her).
The eyes are quite beautiful here, and I really like her mane (read that in Sweetie's voice). A good use of limited shading and solid colours instead of gradient styles.
Also, those purple eyebrows make perfect sense, yet somehow feel a slight bit uncanny. An interesting effect.
Overall, good job.
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