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Wasp from The Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes. C:
She's my favorite~
Especially with the TV Series design, I don't care what anyone says. <3

Wasp (c) Marvel
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Very nice rendition of the Wasp. Janet is truly awesome in that series. It's a same they're cancelling it after only two or three seasons. It's a great show.
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Thanks! And I know! I'm so bummed out that the show is already canceled. :<
It was a great show!
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I enjoy it when I get to see it.

ANd it's a real shame, because I want to see what the Avengers will go through next.

You know, if there is enough demand, and the DVDs sell well enough, they could bring it back. It worked for Family Guy.
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Hmm! That is true! Maybe things will change! Especially after the movie came out, never know! :shrug:
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There's a petition floating around at to keep the show going.
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-sniffle- I remember seeing this when it was just a sketch and it STILL looked awesome.. <:'D
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I know! It's like watching a baby grow! AND THEY GROW UP TOO FAST, MAN. *clings*

LOL, no seriously! Thank you! ;o;
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i'm crazy about that saucy attitude she has uughh Love her so much
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"And to think! I called you cute! D:<"
So much love for her. <3

For real.
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Wow! You have really been tearing it up the last few days. Now you go & do something like this!?!

Fantastic! I haven't seen the new series yet, but I have seen some artists doing pics from it. Very nice design & you've done an amazing job on her. Thanks for taking the time to do this pic & share her with the rest of us!
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I'm trying to take advantage of my break before I have to work and go back to school. C:
So I'm finally catching up with all my school sketches.

Oh! If you're a fan of the avengers (comic likewise) You definitely need to give this show a shot! It's very good! Very loyal to the comics, and very funny!
The humor is great!
They have new episodes on Disney XD on Sundays. C:

It's been awhile since I've done flat colors! So It was fun to try something a little different. C:
And no! thank you for your super kind words! It encourages me.
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Gotcha...enjoy all these cool pics of yours as long as you can, because you are giving us all a lot to enjoy. :)

I haven't read comics in a long while, but I have a friend that tells me all about them. Vicarious comics reading I suppose.

I don't have Disney XD. I plan on upgrading our satellite package after a few bills are off us & hopefully the show will still be on by then. If not, maybe I can catch them on DVD.

I'm glad you feel like I'm encouraging you because seeing your work encourages me. Even when I don't comment I see what you post & they are really great. It's an encouragement to me to do more & I learn so much from others. So...just keep on keeping on! :D
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Aw, .////.
I'm so happy I can make people smile and laugh with my art.
That's all I want. :heart:
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Mission accomplished then. :D
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Niiice! :D I'm not usually interested by super-heroes, but I kinda like the Avengers. I mean, crossover of many different super-heroes? win! I really like crossovers. :D
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I looooooveeeee Super heroes. <3
The Avengers is amazing!
I'm very sad Antman,Wasp, and Black Panther didn't make it to the movie. :<
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Haha, I see that. :D
I should probably watch it...=3
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It's definitely a good series. C:
If you really wanna watch it! Note me!
I got a link on Youtube that has the entire first season if you wanna try it out.
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:) I don't doubt ya.
I see! I do think it's quite interesting!
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awesome :D I love the pixy :D
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Me toooo~ <3
She's one of my favorites~
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Good job on Jane
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