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Stars Over Midgar


Stars Over Midgar

Cid stood in front of the mirror, grumbling to himself as he struggled with his tie. How long had it been since he’d last worn one? He could not, for the life of him, remember how these damn things worked. As he ended up with a knot that looked more like a noose, he nearly bit his cigarette in half in rage. Angrily he plucked it from his lips and stabbed it into the sink, letting out a last stream of smoke like an overheating engine. His front door opened and he heaved out a weary sigh. Only one person treated his door like only a suggestion. “Not in the mood, Shera,” he called out. Furiously, Cid whipped the tie back out of a knot. “I-It’s getting late,” Shera’s voice said from the living room. “I just saw the Tiny Bronco is still here. Shouldn’t you have taken off by now?” “Should have,” he groaned, going back to his reflection. “Just one last…” He tucked the long end of the fabric through a new knot. “…One last…” As he straightened the knot it completely undid itself and he let
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Resident of the City Between and fan of all things storytelling.

Jesse de Rivera is a writer and artist currently living in Florida. She is a multi-talented artist who's specialized in caricature, illustration, graphic design, sequential art, and body art. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2004, and her latest project is the City Between book series.

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Terry Moore
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The Dark Crystal/ The Cat Returns
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HGTV, Chopped, Once Upon a Time, Legend of Korra
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Currently -- Christina Perri
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Harry Potter, the Westing Game
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E.A. Poe -- Lol, so goth
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Castlevania Series, Final Fantasy 9
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Comics, tabletop RPGs, creative writing, video games, animu

Victorious Cross

Victorious Cross

I am proud to announce my first published book, Victorious Cross! When Victorio Cruz chooses to accept the Spear of Creation and fight the Darkness, he had no idea it would cost him everything he loves. The latest in a long line of Spear Bearers, Victorio is swept into a world of flying ships, cross-dimensional heroics and fantastical creatures. He’s joined by the Cartesian Guard, brave warriors dedicated to protecting the gods and maintaining balance in the infinite. But the Darkness is rising, and their stronghold is under attack. Victorio must take up the Spear again before the Empty drags the universe’s last defenders into their gruesome forges. If you like fierce battles between light and dark, YA adventure stories and vast fantasy settings, you’ll love Victorious Cross, the first book in the City Between series. Stop by my author site and sign up for the newsletter to get a bonus novella free.

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5UP3RN0V42015Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Early Birthday.
Every time someone compliments my caricatures, I let them know that I know the best caricature artist! So you may have a few more customers soon :). Hope all is going well!
CorsairOriginalProfessional Traditional Artist
It is good to hear from you, I know I should have replied long ago.

Thanks for any help, things have been pretty rocky.  I hope you two are doing well!
Yep! We're doing well! Hope you are too! :)
grievousfanHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the +watch!
CorsairOriginalProfessional Traditional Artist
Your animal anatomy is outstanding, keep up the good work.
BigMac1212Hobbyist Photographer
Happy birthday! :cake: