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Starry snuggles


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Starry snuggles


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Starry Lovers

Arts and Gifts for me

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$10 Colored Sketch Bust Commissions

Thursday evening my Apple Pencil stopped working and I was left dealing with Apple Support all day on Friday. By the end of the day I ended up having to purchase a new Pencil as a replacement because Apple Support would not answer my questions and the whole process was just exhausting. Because of this last minute extravagant purchase, I am now out by $100, and I need to earn that back in the next couple of days so I can buy basic groceries. SO. I am offering quick turnaround, $10 colored bust sketch commissions. I have more information on my Ko-Fi account, right here. However, if you would like something a bit more robust, my regular commissions are also open. I would really appreciate any help I can get. Even just spreading the word is super helpful and appreciated.

Commissions, Adoptables, Etc.

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Sadness Quotes

Helpful Mental Health Stuff etc.

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F2U Wolf icon base

F2U Page Decor and Stoofz

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Avatars, Pixels, Etc.

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DA Meme...Cause why not xD

1. Name, please: Aviana 2. Approximate Age?: Early twenties 3. Are you happy in your life?: For the most part 4. Do you feel like anything is missing?: I guess technically a significant other but I am not begging for one either 5. Do you plan on being a musician/artist/writer? Nope 6. Do you think you are artistic?: Not really 7. Have you ever tried hard drugs?: No and never will 8. If so, have they changed your life?: N/A 9. What age would you like to die?: I don't really have an age?  I guess it would be more of I would want to live until my health was too awful. 10. Would you let your kids smoke weed?: No 11. Are you an angry p

Quizzes, Survey's, etc. Journals

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Creature Creation Challenge

Art Challenges

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Stamps Collection

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AddictMV perfomance Friday

Attention folks! ~ Hazbin Hotel Tweet ~ New Video Animation featuring Angel Dust sooner than anything, so stay tuned~


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Journal Skins,Backgrounds, Etc.

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2019 Summary


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Miraculous Ladybug Fan Button

Banners, Buttons, Sets, etc.

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Using HTML on deviantART

Hello! Hello and welcome to my little html tutorial. I've been working with html codes for a couple of years and I'm going to teach you what I know about using some basic html on deviantART. This won't make you a html expert or something and I'm not an expert myself but it will give just enough knowledge to make your journals, comments, news articles and other neat and lovely looking. :) deviantART actually has FAQs about html but I still wanted to do this because they look a bit unorganized, in my opinion. Also, why would you want to look for those FAQs when you can just open this news article where you have everything in one place? :dummy

Guides Tips

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~*Tutorial///How i do my Drawings*

Tutorials References

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Hunicast animated - Stinky Jail

Flashes Animations

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Other Stuff

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FA - Lets do this!

Game Grumps, Markiplier and JackSepticEye

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Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss

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''How's this for an answer? NAH!''

Five Nights At Freddys

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Bendy and Alice Angel in: Get a Life 263

Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Cuphead | Calista Carnation


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Miraculous Ladybug

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Twinkle eyed ponies

My Little Pony

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Happy birthday, Jack! (2020)

Cymberlight Jack and Cynthia Stoofz

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Sonic Stoofz

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Link Sketch

Legend of Zelda

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Super Mario Bros

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Monster High

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Mermay: Keira and Tess

Jak And Daxter

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Robbie vs. Bonbon nonbloody

Robbie Rabbit SH

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CTRNF - Top Mains

Spyro The Dragon

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Tomb raider jungle

Tomb Raider

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14 years later

Final Fantasy

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Darkstalkers: Morrigan and Felicia Chibis


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DC Marvel and other Heroes and Villains

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My Edgy Bf


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Primal Rage

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DDLC | Just ( Married ) Monika | Zine Piece

Doki Doki LC

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Pocket mirror: Enjel

Pocket Mirror

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Desert Moon

Sailor Moon

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Calamus and Alula


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Angels of Death

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Letters Goodbye - The Letter VN Animated OP Movie

The Letter

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