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Gay Abandon
The eyelash bat is something I’ve perfected,
Accompanied by a coy and flirty glance,
Yet I saw a man, who was wholly unaffected,
Indifferent to my femme-fatale advance.
He was sitting, arms were folded: he looked tough,
Chatting to a friend, whose name was Lance,
Engrossed in talk of cars and other manly stuff,
Oblivious of my dire desire to dance.
Was a bolder method needed? I’m too subtle.
Should I make it very clear and take a chance?
It could lead to more than just a dance-floor shuffle,
A blaze of lust and a glorious romance.
So I snuck behind him, tapped him on the shoulder,
With pouted lips, then thrusting hips in wildest dance,
I pulled him from his seat, I tried to smoulder,
But I noticed he was winking back at Lance.
I vibrated and gyrated with a passion,
I leaned near and licked his ear with eager tongue,
No-holds-barred, an assault that was a mission,
With my arms and legs the furthest they’d been flung.
I wrapped round him like a pretzel, quite demented,
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 3 1
A Moment
Love took us to the river, where we made a summer wish,
and watched as diamonds hid amongst the tangled reeds.
Sunlight danced upon the backs of leaping silver fish.
The land was ours. It had given us its deeds.
We trod in footfalls where once verdant grass tinged ombre
sun-seared. bending blades with sweeps of meadowsweet
then rested neath a willow caught in its gentle slumber
amd revived outselves with kisses till replete.
No time, just dandelion clocks, ticking on a summer breeze
as future tucked itself away betwixt the trees,somehow
and the past was diminishing in the water's rippled tease.
As true lovers we knew the meaning of The Now.
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 3 3
A shadow fell over his pillow.
A thief in the night took his dreams,
his ideals, his goals, and tomorrow.
His bed held no comfort it seemed.
Outside wind and rain battered hard.
He felt each raindrop cut in deep.
Alert still, his mind was on guard
upright trying hard not to sleep.
The mattress was hard and unyielding,
it tortured his back and his wounds.
Through darkness he reached for a saviour
to filter some light through the gloom.
But there were no candles, no light
in the place, where restless he slept.
No visions of arms wrapped round tight.
No angels. No mother. He wept.
Soldiers don’t cry he admonished.
a stiff upper lip is the norm.
Come daylight all fears were vanquished
The dawn was serene with new calm.
A new peace then filled the horizon.
He walked there without any pain
the storm from last night forgotten.
Sun shining so bright after rain...
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 3 2
A journey once too far, now a leap and bound
for I have grown not just in stature but in mind
So to meet with you across that far and distant land
needs love alone, without a magic wand.
The clouds above are wisps of hope across the sky.
They do not rain. I do not question why.
The world itself yields one contented sigh,
and trees are waving as they see a swallow fly.
When once I tarried long, so truly hard I tried
to find you but now it is your heart that is my guide
along the path that is as long as it is wide
I cannot see you, but I know you’re by my side.
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 6 0
If all of Christendom gave to me its gold
I’d say I’d rather have a hand to hold
A voice to speak when all is quiet and still
a touch to soothe my brow should I feel ill.
A watcher by my side, just someone there.
A push to help me up the steepest stair.
A song to melt the hardest chores away
and fill the emptiness of longest day.
A warmth sidelong in my too large a bed
where youthful dreams no longer fill my head.
If all of Christendom offered up its gold
I’d say no, it would not stop me growing old
it would not halt time, or cease the pain
of memories relived time and time again
memories of those who have passed on
so many in my life were there, now gone.
It would not halt natures cruel grip
that weakens legs and causes pain of hip
and plays mind games with forgetfulness
Yet still have I a lot that I can bless...
I can find the wealth I need when summer gilds
the trees around my house and in the fields
where grasses part to yield a path of gold.
And a joy that only c
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 28 13
The Search for Sid
The small arachnid, I called Fat Sid, crawled across the ceiling;
Its size was disproportionate to the fear that I was feeling.
It jogged its hairy=legged way, and passed the ceiling light,
Glancing down at me disdainfully, oblivious to my fright.
I couldn’t move, was hypnotised, with glassy eyes did stare,
As Fat Sid suddenly did speed and went to God-Knows-Where.
I searched the room, with trepidation, the chairs I overturned,
Looked in the smallest nooks and crannies, whilst my stomach churned,
My legs were quivering, I was shivering, then suddenly felt hot,
I wanted rid of spider Sid, but then part of me did not.
His birthright was his scary shape with legs that grew abundant!
and he was far more scared of me but this was little comfort.
But then I spied him resting upon the window glass,
Complacent as he viewed outside, with all of time to pass,
His little face alight with joy, a smile he gently beamed:
He’d outwitted his antagonist, or so that it would seem.
Was oblivi
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 5 8
The West Wind remembers.
When the sea is stilled at night
memories flow to me.
Weatherworn old ships arise
pale in moonlit fantasy.
Masts forever reaching high.
Lookouts hear my sigh,
and hearing oft a siren song,
before the land is nigh.
I am caught in sails anew
a comfort to be held,
while sailors look upon me
as a means to see the world.
Below the decks the shanties rise
slurred, from grog filled crew
Before the morn the tide will rise
and set the ships askew.
Ravages from breakers
now linger in the hold
Men who are of teenage years,
have seemingly grown old.
I sing a lullaby to them,
strained through oaken bows,
The decades now reduce to weeks
The weeks reduce to hours.,
The land is often sighted
but is never ever home
Hearts are always blighted.
Hands worn to the bone.
Crews are bound to salty waves
creaks and leaks and rattles
smoking long guns, bloodied decks
Many killed in battles.
In aftermath of storm I linger,
Young boys toss in dreamless sleep.
I take their fears and many tears.
Tell them even grow
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 7 5
The Pemberton Dragon was a fearsome creature – and it was said that the only way to inveigle your way into its steely heart was through Truth or Humor and then it would spare you. Thing was, I not only needed to be spared, I needed to be welcomed, for within the Dragon’s lair dwelt a fair  maiden, so beautiful, that when she walked in the grounds outside, trees bowed to her and roses wept with envy. I had seen her many a time from afar (with the aid of binoculars) and had instantly fallen in love with her!
Now, it will come as no surprise to avid fairytale readers that the Pemberton Dragon was not really a Dragon at all, but a woman called Maude Pemberton, who had been cursed by a Wizard many years ago – and the passage of time had caused the human part of the beast to be lost in a raging inferno of thoughts – though Maude, or a small essence of her, sometimes emerged unexpectedly, when certain conditions were met. Laughter was a potent force, apparently, a
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 4 6
A very late arrival
Way past midnight I heard a distinct thump from downstairs. Thumps in the night are generally not good, especially when one’s bedtime reading is of a ghostly nature. It woke me up and filled me with dread. Could the ghost from Bickley hall have emerged from the paperback now resting on my bedside table?
I looked towards my husband – alias the Walrus – snoring beside me, his huge moustache flapping with each exhalation, hence his nickname. The moustache grew bigger each day – soon it would attain its own sentience. Could I rouse him to investigate the thump?
Then came a groan. Hubby slept on. An earthquake would not wake him. A glass of cold water poured over his face might. There was a glass temptingly within reach on my bedside table. Could I? Should I?
Suddenly I found some inner strength. I girded my loins, or at least I would have done if I had loins and something to gird them with, then put on my best dressing gown and crept downstairs.
The living room door
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 6 11
I searched for you and then I searched some more
I circled ground until the earth was raw
and bleeding through the grass that grew in spring.
I saw birds fly and faintly heard them sing.
I saw new flowers arising from my pain,
nourished by the advent of spring rain.
I saw small creatures scurry with new life
untroubled by my weary world of strife.
I saw sunshine interplaying with a breeze
between the promised flourish of the trees
their branches splayed almost wantonly
and I ask what more is there to see.
I searched for you in all the seasons past
with their messages that always came too fast
too stark or cold or heated, lingering,
and none of them comparable to spring.
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 4 6
Thinking of you all day
I think of you when morning splits the dark clouds
from the midnight gone when nightowls came
and sat upon my bed greyed out like shrouds
trying to tell me that twas I who was to blame.
I think of you when the sun is at its zenith
Noontime bright and yet I’m pale to view.
You are there within the sun, whilst I beneath
live in shadows of all that is not true.
I think of you as dusk begins to spread
its tender shades that ease me into night.
I’ll know just vaguest comfort from my bed
the thought of woolly blankets tucked in tight.
And then the night I think of you again,
before guilt dreams can reach me in my sleep
and cause a wakened jolt at four am
where I lay within a sheetbound crumpled heap.
As the saying goes,'Tomorrow dawns anew.'
Will I relive the day just gone for evermore?
my actions from the past to hold and rue,
to press me down and weight me to the floor.
Forgive me and my days will surely lighten
my burden then is searching in my soul.
A task of which I'm really
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 6 7
Our own special place
She was here, she was there and a part of a place,
both in heaven and earth: an unknown interface.
Serene and so peaceful, her eyes to the sky,
as I watched and I wept and I asked myself why
as I viewed where she lay, so silent and still
yet her essence was caught in a vast spinning wheel.
From the cliff and the crags and long grassy fringe
at the edge where she fell my mind did unhinge,
when I saw her arms waving and her eyes said goodbye
as she fell like an angel, who dropped from the sky.
And the heavens erupted and cried out in pain
let loose their mourning in torrential rain,
and my fears and my tears were as one in that place,
where heaven and earth created new space.
And there on the rocks, in the waves constant race,
she lay there in beauty: a smile on her face,
The rain became gentle and joined with the sea,
and my heart leapt the cliff and I joined her to me,
We sang with the sea as we heard the gulls cry
as they circled and circled but we didn’t know why
and time left
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 6 8
September song
Red berry clusters have fallen to ground
or ride with the birds on the wind.
September’s song, so soft is its sound
It repeats to be heard in my mind.
Rekindling last year, old sounds blend with new
medleys melting by heat of the sun,
yet a voice rose up and a harmony grew,
And I knew in my heart we were one.
The sounds of last summer muted when leaving,
just as now, all too soon, time is flying.
And held in the hills are the echoes of evenings
where we walked before love was dying.
Nothing lasts, all is change, as well I remember,
Summer love now strewn ‘neath my feet.
troubled and trampled with coming September.
From now on, a song not so sweet.
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 8 5
What time is there? Too late? Too early?
To say that I will miss you dearly.
You cast aside the passing days
Yet in their midst you rest with ease,
Whilst I encumbered by time’s bondage
Seeking always for a message,
In lucid dreams in transient shadows,
In daisy chains in sunlit meadows
In cliftop walks, where grasses part
By loving wind, where lies your heart.
In secret places, high and hallowed,
Where sacred birds cannot be followed,
They fly, they twist, they turn the air:
Winged semaphore…and you are there.
Within each wingbeat, each turn of grace.
Tis then I’ll find you, see your face.
And only then the words will come,
Drenched in rain and dried by sun,
With tears and whispers, a hand to hold,
Such moments I will frame in gold.
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 7 6
A small child blowing bubbles
with each breath, a sigh.
Sees silent worlds of rainbows
and reflections that lie
aloft upon a silken wind
dreams that were unknown
borne from imagination
of a child before it’s grown.
A magic that transcends the clouds
globes capturing the sun.
Yet at their zenith bubbles burst
well before the hour is done.
A small child blowing bubbles
is always asking why,
creations of such beauty were
destined to fade and die.
A small child blowing bubbles
will laugh and watch with awe
and will forget the sad regret
when the bubbles were no more.
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 9 4
Where the Jabberwock walks.
Where the Jabberwock walks, walk not I,
for he doth walk where four winds sigh.
At the edge of the world, where the drop is nigh.
he waits and watches with all-seeing eye.
His fated alliance to the night,
renders him a threat to light,
Jabberwock, I fear your might,
to loosen sleep swathed blankets tight.
Beware the Jabberwock, my child,
his spirit roams within a wild
chaotic dream – appearing mild,
at first magic! Be not beguiled!
Fire and blood course thro his veins
to take our sorrows, our fears, our pains:
eternal food with wondrous gains
give him strength to light his flames.
He lives by claw, by sharpened teeth,
A conscience does not lay beneath.
Yet time will rob his fire – a thief,
that takes from all – in life and death.
Where the Jabberwock walks, walk not I,
for he doth walk where four winds sigh.
At the edge of the world, where the drop is nigh,
he waits and watches with all-seeing eye.
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 11 12


Sid the snake (Hand knitted) by Supach Sid the snake (Hand knitted) :iconsupach:Supach 44 30
Jack the Ripper
Oh how I love the sound of her screams
Whilst my knife slashes her ivory skin.
The elation I feel when her blood streams
Invokes a most impromptu grin.
I took her left kidney along with me
Then I left her in the street, uncovered.
Daybreak shall bring forth my infamy
When the whore’s corpse is discovered.
Whitechapel will shed many tears, tonight.
Her blood splatters my face, with each thrust.
She writhes beneath me, with eyes affright
While I rapaciously trussed her crimson bust.
They’re too enticing, I shan’t desist
For my identity has yet to avowal.
So I shall add another to my list
Of fragile whores to disembowel.
This fiery one will quickly learn
Whilst her chiffon dress rips apart.
I swiftly slice her from bow to stern
Then fervidly tear out her tepid heart.
Jack the Ripper is what I’m now called.
A name which the press has conceived
To keep the masses utterly enthralled.
By a gaggle of whores to be bereaved.
In the back alley, I patiently wait
She then wa
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 16 5
Fantasy Flower by Supach Fantasy Flower :iconsupach:Supach 70 38
The Interview
When was the last time you felt alive?
To be honest, I don’t recall.
I just feel the urge to survive
Like timid prey, upon nightfall.
I see … so how do you feel right now?
There’s no clock to be found in this room
Yet a ticking noise resonates, somehow
That’s driving me to the brink of doom.
Do you hear voices that aren’t really there?
All I hear is your insolent tone
Like bitter spores upon the air.
You tear apart what I have sewn.
I’m sorry … shall we take a break?
No … let’s continue this interview.
I’m ready now, for both our sake
To make a most profound breakthrough.
Is there anyone your heart holds dear?
There is this girl to whom I treasure.
Although our future is unclear
Our bond surpasses every measure.
Lovely … when are you happy the most?
When I’m asleep, my mind is elated.
I can travel this world, like a ghost
No longer feeling so very weighted.
Why won’t you look me in the eye?
You’re not w
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 12 2
Mordrid Manor
So there I stood, bloodied and cold
I happened upon a house of old …
Upon my entry, I was greeted
By a woman so grimly dressed.
Behind a black desk, she was seated
Like a crow perched in a nest.
“Please … I’m in dire need of aid
For the woods have left me maimed,”
I told the woman, draped in shade
Whilst my ghastly wounds inflamed.
“Do not fear, we’re here to serve
Now let me show you to your room,”
The woman replied, with stoic nerve
While she led me through the gloom.
----1st Night----
My bedchamber was lavish, yet dreary
With dusty portraits looming overhead.
I then bespoke in tongues of weary
While the woman laid me down in bed.
To my utter amazement and fright
The woman’s eyes locked onto mine,
While she stitched my wounds up tight
I felt a chill run down my spine.
“Remain here until you awaken
Your bodily wounds are of no importance,”
The woman told me, while I lie shaken
By her listless countenance.
Despite the wo
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 7 2
Hiding in the grass by Supach Hiding in the grass :iconsupach:Supach 125 59
the rabbit of greenbriar grave
I intend to die underneath his greenbriar thicket,
though I have not made it that far
because I have stopped in a meadow
of birdfoot violets and field pansies,
surrounded by wood sorrels and blackgums.
I left my brother somewhere to fend for himself
higher up this cragged mountain,
near bright laurels and wiry hawthorns,
below hearty Carolina hemlocks and towering pines.
I am followed by the shadow of a man
who bears black gloves and a quiet voice
as he inspects me who lay still
in a stupor of fever and fear.
He places his fingers between my long ears
to bid, on behalf of his yard, a final farewell
to me and to the botfly I shield from nakedness
before vanishing behind white window frames
to watch me pass from this meadow into the next.
My legs carry me to the embrace of the thicket,
where I meet greenbriar for the last time:
I start to bleed with the horizon
as green hues blur with black—
the earth will take me back
to those who have come before
and rest in greenbriar graves.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 20 22
Kittens First Day Out by Supach Kittens First Day Out :iconsupach:Supach 112 36
Do you?
Do you see the damage done
to her old broken heart
and know how much she misses you
since your death tore both apart?
Do you feel her loneliness
cos you´re not by her side?
Do you own a river now
filled with all the tears she´s cried?
Do you see her daily struggles,
her just coping, day in day out
and everytime that things go wrong
know her soul is full of doubt?
Do you know how much she hurts
cos you´re no longer here?
Her broken heart is empty
but she fights with doubts and fears.
Do you hear her pray to god
and ask him why not me?
you were too young and she must wait long
ere your face again  she´ll  see.
Do you know she loved you
and she loves you still?
Your death has changed everything
but love you she always will.
:iconsupach:Supach 39 49
Sunny Side Of The Street by Supach Sunny Side Of The Street :iconsupach:Supach 31 27 A Floral Reward by Supach A Floral Reward :iconsupach:Supach 30 16 Bear Twins by Supach Bear Twins :iconsupach:Supach 152 73 Friendship Bears by LissieBull Friendship Bears :iconlissiebull:LissieBull 9 4 Sleepy Kitten by Supach Sleepy Kitten :iconsupach:Supach 95 52 Shush now Guys and they wont be able to find us... by Supach Shush now Guys and they wont be able to find us... :iconsupach:Supach 32 24 Maid Marion by Supach Maid Marion :iconsupach:Supach 30 27



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Sheila Palmer
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
A divorcee living with my son in North London. Loving humour and magic. In the past I wrote a column in Haunted Digital Magazine, and have written two children's books.

My dream is for a book or books to appear on bookshelves. All of those published so far are print-on-demand. This is because I have no patience to await agents' or publishers' replies - been that route and anyhow probably no chance because I haven't (a) murdered anyone (yet, though I have a few in mind!) or (b) have celebrity status or (c) smuggled drugs inadvertently and then been imprisoned in some Thailand jail for the past 20 odd years.

One of the books which illlustrates perfectly my naughty schoolboy/schoolgirl type of humour is: Mad Magda's Naughty Adult Fairy Tales - this is not erotica, though I think the books may have sold better if they had've been! No not my style, just very rude and full of innuendo.…

A Journey in the Mind of the Goblin from Zo - my magical children's book……

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