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I fave ALOT of things. Like almost everything I click on XDD~


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 10, 2013, 1:26 PM


I am particularly looking to take avatars and anything involving branding; that'd be cool if so!



:heart: To commission me, send me an email at or note me here with your request (use the guide below to see what you may like).

:heart: Please give as much possible detail as you can as to what you would like me to draw for you; character references, desired costumes, desired background, any specific style etc. It'll take a lot less time for us both if you are prepared with what you want.

:heart: If you have a preferred deadline, let me know.
Most works will be done between 1-4 weeks depending on how much detail there is; please respect the fact that drawings do take time and I do have to eat, sleep and work.

:heart: I will send you a rough sketch (and lineart if required) version of your request.

:heart: I then require payment. I will send you an invoice and ask you to pay to my PayPal account, with price confirmation, if you are happy with what I am going to draw.

:heart: Once payment has been received, I will continue to create your piece and send updates on different stages!

:heart: Once I have finished the picture, I will send your art. I will upload a watermarked version to my galleries. You are free to post your commission wherever you please, but it would be nice to receive a credit though; thank you! :3



:bulletgreen: I specialize in cartoon/anime characters, ponies and general cute things :bulletgreen:
I am NOT a specialized mech, background or creature artist; this will need discussion.

:bulletgreen:  I WILL NOT DRAW IN THE MINECRAFT STYLE :bulletgreen: 
I will draw your original character and maybe a Minecraft type background, but I will not draw your character in the Minecraft blocky style. Asking me to draw in that style is insulting, please don't.
(Although Minecraft items such as pick-axes, swords or food items etc are acceptable)

:bulletgreen: This is first come first served :bulletgreen:
I will no doubt be doing other commissions whilst I'm also doing yours so please be considerate on how I'm using my time to get yours done asap.

:bulletgreen: No NSFW :bulletgreen:
Been there, done that, no more please. Ecchi/subtle sexy is fine, but no... ya know, kinky stuff.

:bulletgreen: These are all digital format! :bulletgreen:
No prints yet, some day though! Also traditional media (such as paint, pencils and Copic Markers) can be implemented if desired!



:star: VERIFIED PayPal payment only please! <3
Alternative payments (such as gifting Steam games) can be discussed, however are not always accepted.

(Also saying "I'll give you a shout out in my video/channel" is not acceptable payment, sorry.)

:star: Unless I know you are a trusted seller/friend, your account NEEDS to be verified/not limited. I've had too many problems with this in the past.


:star: If you are unsatisfied with your commission, contact me and we will discuss further action.

:star: I will increase the price per prop & additional complex items. (e.g. swords, shields, bikes or pets.) Size also plays part here. I will discuss this with you though. c:

:star: If you do not ask for or receive explicit permission from me, do NOT alter or get another artist to 'change' my image. Ask first plz.

:star: If you do not pay within 3 weeks (unless we have discussed payment dates and expectations) I will take that as you do not want to commission me anymore and postpone your artwork.
Also, if I have reason to believe or evidence that you are trying to scam me (i.e. steal my work without paying), you will be blacklisted and receive bad reputation. Stealing isn't cool.

:star: Donations are welcome too but not essential, I'm currently saving up so donations are greatly appreciated.








Slots full? Drop me an email anyway. I may not be able to reply till there is a free spot, but you'll be put into the queue at least! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ




:heart: :heart: :heart: COMMISSION TYPE LIST :heart: :heart: :heart:

The prices displayed are BASE prices. I MIGHT alter the cost depending on factors such as size, complexity & difficulty of the piece; this may be by a little or a lot. Be prepared.
Up to 2 characters per piece. Additional characters? We'll discuss this.

:heart: Portrait (Head to Shoulders/Chest) :heart:

Simple Line Art, No Colour - From £5

Bebe :South Park: by Shellahx Clyde :South Park: by Shellahx Kenny :South Park: by Shellahx

Full Colour, Any Background - From £15

LeLatte Portrait by Shellahx You Have Entered The Fizone... by Shellahx Pewdiepie Portrait by Shellahx
Yogscard - Ross/djh3max (Hat Films) by Shellahx  Yogscard - Kim/Nanosounds by Shellahx Yogscard - Parv by Shellahx Yogscard - Panda/HybridPanda by Shellahx

:heart: Head to Knees :heart:

Simple Line Art, No Colour - From £7


Full Colour, Simple Background - From £22

Merry Christmas from Marjorine by Shellahx I miss the MS Paint days... (Derpy) by Shellahx  Maria Brink by Shellahx Shellah by Shellahx

Tanks' Gift by Shellahx The Neverending Story (Perkins Edition) by Shellahx

Full Colour, Complex Background - From £32

:heart: Full Body :heart:

Simple Line Art, No Colour - From £8


Full Colour, Simple Background - From £28

JessTheSapling Fan Art :) by Shellahx  Hollip0p by Shellahx Kaeyi + Martyn Love Pink by Shellahx Sparkles the Faun by Shellahx Lazy Nurse: Revisit by Shellahx

Full Colour, Complex Background - From £45

:heart: Chibi :heart:

Full Colour, Simple Background - From £15

Fairly Odd Dreamlings! by Shellahx  COMMISSION - Gaming Chibi's by Shellahx  COMMISSION - AbiPop + Kelsey KimonoTime by Shellahx


:heart: :heart: :heart: PONIES :heart: :heart: :heart:

(Can be from the show, OC, anything SFW; this does NOT include humanization)

1 character per drawing (+£6 per extra pony)

Full Colour (No Background/Transparent) - From £10

Hollip0p_ - Pony OC by Shellahx TWITTER GIVEAWAY - CatherineDatWiz by Shellahx TWITTER GIVEAWAY - Short Circuit by Shellahx

Full Colour (FLAT/SIMPLE background) - From £12

Full Colour (SHOW/COMPLEX background) - From £18

Pony Scene - Let It Go (Princess Hair) by Shellahx Bruce Mane vs. Vince by Shellahx Shellah Races Dashie ::Giveaway For Ferazhin:: by Shellahx  COMMISSION - Flowers For Ticket by Shellahx COMMISSION - Moonlit Spyker by Shellahx Pony Meadow - Kaeyi and Nina by Shellahx


:heart: OTHER?? :heart:

Have something else in mind, maybe an animation, gif or something extra special? Contact me and we'll have a chat! :3


I mean, come on, there are boundaries.

I also maintain the right to cancel & refund or partial refund your piece at any given time (depending on situation & process stage).

Abuse will NOT be tolerated.

Skin by SimplySilent


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Interests: Drawing/Illustration, Singing, Gaming, Anime & Manga, Mixing & Audio Work

Dislikes: Mushrooms, Disorganization, Dr Pepper, Growing up

Current Residence: London, UK.
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Post Hardcore & Japanese Pop
Favourite style of art: Cartoon & Manga
Favourite cartoon characters: Craig Tucker (South Park), Applejack (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Taiga Aisaka (ToraDora), Ampharos (Pokemon)

Fandoms include;
• especially Haruhi Suzumiya
• My Little Pony
• Yogscast
• Steven Universe
• Adventure Time
• Five Nights at Freddie's
• The Walking Dead (video game)



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