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My Demo Tape

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this is really cool
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love the milky colors!!..

it's just GREAT!..

when i saw it an i readed the title i just thougth about all the bands that wish to have a demo and fly with it to the success!
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Freaking... Grand!
Love the shapes, they're fantastic
And the use of negative space is very nicely done
this would be a good cd cover for my Beats
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Pen tool expert indeed! 8D
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exactly the kind of thing i want to learn how to do.

Amazing, one of the best things ive seen in a long time!
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really nice piece! the like the explotion effect like the tape is shooting out form the corner! well done!
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Nice work.
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I am jealous of your skillz.
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That is sick man. :thumbsup:
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love love love it! tape is a lil random tho.. :D
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again that realy amazing... and again a :+fav:
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This was chosen as one of our Vectors/Vexels Of The Week. Congratulations!
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I dig, but is there any reason for the border?
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fucking sweet, just a shame its for a KV
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