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:iconshelia455:Shelia455 posted a status
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I used to say "oh i'll never take drugs when I get my career going" and of course I've never taken any drugs that are illegal I've only taken prescription drugs like my antidepressant medication and anxiety medication too, but I've been abusing them because I wanna feel something else other than this pain and sadness and I now know why rappers and people who are stressed take drugs because they do it to escape the pain/stress that's in their life. And after hearing that lil peep died in November that saddened me a lot because I just go the idea of this career when he died and him and BONES are a big inspiration for me but now that part of an inspiration is gone forever and crying won't bring him back nor will talking about him and I have a feeling that BONES is going to die this year and I don't know why but I just have a feeling... I don't plan on making enemies with any other rapper but if they start some shit with me I'm gonna try my best and stay outta it because I don't want anyone else pissed at me and I hope one day I get to meet BONES and xavier wulf and tell them both both how they influenced me (Xavier not really but I love his beats) Also if you trying to start shit and make all your friends block me for no reason then you were never a friend just stay out of my life and I won't mention names YET unless this fucker keeps trying to be a fucking wally (for people that don't know what a wally is it's a insult that I use for stupid people who don't realize that they're stupid) I'm not making a twitter yet either because one I have like 50 fans (hopefully i'll get there one day, hopefully) I'll make one and hopefully I can get a ft with BONES or some rapper.
I have a lot of respect for all of these new rappers unless they piss me off lol. DONTACTLIKEYOU'REFAMOUSJUSTTOGETSOME

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