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People say ignorance is bliss, but in the blindness of bliss, you can miss things. People get so blinded by their emotions and fear that they can't see things that they were looking for right in front of their faces. They are so scared to be wrong, that they'd rather not know.
Ignorance isn't bliss, it's a road of sterility or dullness.
Never be afraid to take the jump. You may like what you find on the other side of your decisions.
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My Greatest Fears
My greatest fears are those stupid ones,
The ones that you have as a child,
Like being afraid of the dark,
And little creatures in the wild.
Though, the one that stands the strongest,
is the fear of being ignored.
Not by strangers.
Not by People I don't know.
But by someone I love,
Someone... I haven't told.
You know,
That feeling of being scared?
That pit of your stomach feeling
when you can't breath the air.
That feeling you get,
When you know you can do nothing,
because you're afraid you'll do something
that gives you away.
So, you leave it be, and sit alone,
as time passes by and you sigh with a solid tone.
A breath leaked out of hopelessness,
and a feeling of being outfought.
My deepest fear, though, is being forgot.
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What I erase,
I smiled as I ripped a tiny piece of paper out from my notebook and started writing a note to my friend,
"Hey, It's been a while, but I just wanted to tell you that the reason I don't come so close anymore is that every time I get close to you, my voice cracks and my stomach feels weird. I'm not completely sure, but I'd have to blame you for it. Stop being so perfect and I'll be perfectly fine.
~With love,

Though, I quickly giggled, erasing the sentences in several places and changing around the little letter.
"Hey, it's been a while, But I just wanted to tell you that the reason I don't come over much is because I've been really busy and as much as I'd like to, I just don't have a chance to talk like we used to. It's not your fault, I just tend to be lazy. I guess if I stop trying to be perfect, I'll be perfectly fine.
~Sorry again,

With a grin, I slipped it into his locker and left for class.
He's never really know exactly what I erase, and I pla
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Friends-Preston by Shelbysmelody Friends-Preston :iconshelbysmelody:Shelbysmelody 1 13 Digi Me? by Shelbysmelody Digi Me? :iconshelbysmelody:Shelbysmelody 2 0 Handwriting Meme by Shelbysmelody Handwriting Meme :iconshelbysmelody:Shelbysmelody 0 15
To Bring Dreams to Life
To Bring Dreams to Life

When I was a small child, I was given one single wish. I can't remember who gave it to me, or why they did so, but I just remember this special time while I was staring out to the midnight starry sky and wondering how many stars there really were. You see, for this single wish, I had to promise to do good with it. Not to be greedy. Not to be rude. But, I was a child. We didn't think of those things. We just dreamed of having. . . well. . . dreams. Just that. And, my dream was really simple, but strange. I wanted, if only one thing, to bring my imagination to life. Not through my mind, but through my pencil. And you know what? My very first and last wish was granted.

From that day on, I waited and waited before deciding on what I wanted to bring alive because the wish was limited to one thing. Being so young, I just wanted a friend. Someone to play with. So, I drew him. A new person to play with and have fun times with. With a l
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Sickly Me by Shelbysmelody Sickly Me :iconshelbysmelody:Shelbysmelody 2 15 ..:Me:.. by Shelbysmelody ..:Me:.. :iconshelbysmelody:Shelbysmelody 2 14
The Diart Of A Girl Unnamed-17
How my Life used to be
Time suddenly warped forward. In a second, I found myself standing in the field behind a tree. I giggled to myself slightly as footsteps went by me. For a while now, I'd been waiting there. It was something I'd gotten used to doing ever since I met Rhyian three years ago. Mom had said he was coming over today with his mom and sissy had had to to get ready. Truthfully, I'd just sneaked away so I could try and actually be able to catch him off guard for once.
Though, then the footsteps were gone. I peaked from behind the tree, and neither of them were there. Confused, I turned to look back, but just as I was about to, I was on the ground with a
And, there was a chuckle in my ear. "Gotcha." Rhyian said grinning.
I pouted a little and blushed. "Can't you just let me win?"
The boy shook his head. "No. That wouldn't be as fun."  He smirked.
I perced my lips then frowned. "I'm going to bite you." With a grin of my own, I sho
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I have it pretty organized, so, click the folders. ^^ ~Shelby

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United States
I'm a cheery person and love to draw. I love a challenge.(Great with hands and flowers)


About myself:
Name: Shelby
Age: 14
Favourite Song: I forgot the name O.O
Favourite Artist: Umm. . . I look up to my brother and friends. . .
Style: Digital Artist, Traditional artist, Paint, pastels, ckalk, surrealism, realism, sculpture, Ect. (I. . . do a lot.)
*Skyler Summers-TCotM
*Rein Crossentine-TCotM
*Alice Fellows-The Assassin's Sect
*Luna-The Assassin's sect- Alice's daughter
*Raven-The Assassin's Sect-Alice's daughter
* Rhyain


First there was la, :la:
Then it got fat: :iconfatlaplz:
Exersize program!::iconrunsiesplz:

Then :dummy: started to enjoy watching :la: run
The more it watched, the fatter it got :icontubbydummyplz:
But sadly, :iconfatdummyplz: could not find exercise program
So, he stayed :iconfatdummyplz:




Current Residence: Tennessee
Favourite genre of music: Alternitive
Favourite style of art: I don't have one. I do most of them.
Personal Quote: ALways treasure the past, savor the present and be weary of your future.
Yeah. I've redone all my user names from my facebook page to my Gmail account to, well, here.

Please, re-watch me here on BelovedAnonymous

I'm just ready to switch, that's all. :3 Thanks ahead guys. Love you all.


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